What are the differences between neonatal incubation and children’s radiant tables?


Neonatal incubators and radiant tables for children are medical equipment specialized in heat transfer to the neonate, where their management is simple and they have mechanisms that control the amount of heat that has to be emitted by means of a servo-control temperature system, which transmits more or less heat depending on the temperature that is programmed and required by the patient.

However, both equipment has different characteristics, where the incubators are closed cots, of transparent hard plastic material, has a device that heats the moist air and the radiant tables, are open cots, which have a device that emits heat. Therefore, both the one and the other, the objective is to warm the newborn and keep it at the desired temperature. 

Functions of the Neonatal Incubator and the Radiant Table

First, the neonatal incubator is the medical device responsible for the stability of the newborn that demands immediate medical reinforcement, due to lack of maturity of its internal organs, and through heat transfer mechanisms by convection and radiation, the danger of cooling that induces hypoxia, metabolic acidosis, increased respiratory difficulty, hypoglycemia, among other complications is prevented. Its physical characteristics are suitable to meet the treatment of the newborn, being this a medical resource in the form of a closed cot, with a protective base, and on it the dome, also has electrical connectors responsible for the operation, the power supply, the heater instrument, various sensors, etc.; this is of a resistant material to support without inconvenience the weight of the newborns.

On the other hand, the radiant tables provide comfort to the newborn, they are used in clinical settings, such as delivery rooms, neonatal care rooms, neonatal intensive care units (NICU), neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and for neonatal intensive care pre and postoperative. Also, these tables are used to perform the procedures of the first care of the newborn. The importance of this equipment is to maintain the newborn in the support of the thermal ratio, which provides a thermoneutral environment, in which the use of oxygen and its metabolism are reduced to a minimum, so that the calories and nutrients that it consumes are dedicated to the maturation, development and growth of its organism.

Neonatal Incubators Vs. Childhood Radiant Tables

With regard to the differences in medical equipment, it can be said that they do not affect the care of newborns, on the contrary, they are adaptable medical contributions to the needs of the newborn, however, their physical characteristics make them different. 

Likewise, the radiant tables allow direct observation and easy access to the newborn, since, unlike incubators, they do not have a closed room. Also, these tables do not have units to regulate moisture, unlike incubators.

Therefore, there is insufficient evidence to show the effect of radiant tables versus neonatal incubators for temperature regulation in newborns.

Therefore, incubators have long been used to maintain body temperature. More recently, radiant bedside tables have also been used for neonates in need of intensive care.

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