What are the characteristics and applications of a reagent analyser?

A reagent analyser is a computer that performs certain functions that facilitate the work in the laboratory, perform certain repetitive steps in the performance of the analysis, which consists of sampling and taking of reagents, mixing and measuring changes in the optical density of the reaction mixture specific for each parameter analyzed; thanks to the internal algorithms that process the result of the measure and returns a value of concentration of the analyte in the sample, this process is repeated until the analysis is completed.

There are different reagent analyzers, everything depends on the analytical method we use, most chemical reagents are used in extensive research, chemical analysis, in the preparation and also in the production of other substances. The characteristics of laboratory applications and their scale determine the quantities and types of reagents; similarly there are different analyzers, each with specific applications and unique characteristics for each, in KALSTEIN, we have analyzers for all the needs of your laboratory.

Reagents and their application

  • Chemically pure reagents (ch.pr.): designed to meet the requirements of specialized laboratory techniques. 
  • Pure analytical reagents (prfa.): used in laboratories to perform quantitative and qualitative analyzes according to the standards.
  • Spectrally pure reagents (spectr.pr.): used for spectral analysis, e.g. HPLC, GC.
  • Pure reagents (pr.): They are used in standard laboratory work, usually for qualitative analysis. They can be used as substrates for synthesis and auxiliary substances.
  • Technical reagents (techn.): They are usually industrial synthesis products.

KALSTEIN Coagulation Analyser

  • Low reagent consumption less than 2oul, open reagent.
  • Special test vessel location system, adding sample support.
  • The advanced optical light combination system ensures a precise result.
  • Optional PT-derived method for analyzing fibrinogen.
  • Decrease the dose of regenant.
  • Top quality thermostat, precision 37°C ± 0.3°C.
  • Dispensing accuracy: CV <2%.
  • Memory for 10,000 test results.
  • Internal Thermosensitive Printer.
  • Optional electronically attached pipette.
  • Perform all routine tests such as PT.APTT.TT Fibrionogen and clotting factors.
  • RS232 interface, PC connection.

KALSTEIN Electrolyte Analyser

  • Simple yes/no operation.
  • High precision and long life TCO and electrode2Sensor.
  • Sleep mode to reduce reagent consumption.
  • Fast test speed of 80 tests per hour.
  • The minimum sample volume is 60ul.
  • Individual reagent to avoid residues.
  • Option: Displays tray.
  • Each machine can be provided with one set of reagent for free.

KALSTEIN Hematology Analyser

  • WBC 3-part differentiation, 23 parameters, up to 35 test samples per hour.
  • Electrical resistance for hemoglobin count and SFT method.
  • Low sample consumption: venous 9.8 ul, pre-diluted 20 ul for two tests once.
  • 8.4” color TFT, Windows interface, all test parameters are displayed simultaneously.
  • Windows operating system graphics buttons Mouse and keyboard operation.
  • Dilution, mixing, rinsing and automatic clogging removal.
  • Automatic cleaning of sampling probe (inside and outside).
  • Large storage capacity: up to 10,000 samples + 3 histograms.
  • Internal Thermosensitive Printer or External Printer.
  • RS232 interface, PC connection.

KALSTEIN Urine Analyser

The exchange of information between users and instruments is done through the touch screen and interactive programs. Many models of urine strips produced by our factory can be used in this urine analyser. It can terminate the testes in 12 types of biochemical components in the urine in 6.9 seconds, such as leukocytes, nitrites, urobilinogens, proteins, pH, blood, specific gravity, ascorbic acid, ketone, bilirubin, glucose, and microalbumin.

KALSTEIN Chemistry Analyser

  • 5-inch color LCD, touch screen.
  • Compatible with bucket and flow cell test mode.
  • Real-time curve display.
  • 5 wavelengths, 80 pre-programmed test elements.
  • Memory for 10000 sample results.
  • Light source hibernation function that extends the service life of the lamp.
  • RS232 interface, PC connection.

KALSTEIN Semen Analyser

  • Chemical and immunoassay test for seminal plasma.
  • Built-in computer, Windows system, mouse and keyboard operation.
  • 8 Channel Fiber Spectroscopy System.
  • Internal incubator, temperature accuracy: ≤ ± 0,3 ℃.
  • Printer: external printer, A4 paper report.

HbA1c KALSTEIN Analyser and Reagents

  • Test whole blood directly.
  • 2 steps can get the result.
  • Self-test when powered on.
  • Storage with 10000 test results.
  • Optional Bluetooth wireless barcode reader, can operate at 30 meters.

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