How is the safety of products stored in a laboratory freezer ensured?

January 27, 2023by Kalstein

Importance of laboratory safety

Safety in the laboratory is very important, especially when it comes to products stored in ultra freezers. These devices are very useful tools nowadays, since they allow to keep products at much lower temperatures than conventional freezers. These low temperatures significantly increase the life span and quality of assets, and thus their safety. However, safe and efficient storage in these devices is not achieved by simply implementing the freezer.

Recommendations to maintain safety in the laboratory

  • Responsible operators must ensure that all manufacturers meet the highest safety standards. This means verifying that the equipment is made of high-quality materials and complies with industry regulations, such as internal temperature regulation.
  • It is recommended to install a circuit to monitor safety inside and outside the freezer. This means that a team of technicians must be prepared to perform periodic rounds, record freezer data, and verify that the devices are working properly.
  • It is recommended that operators take special preventive measures to ensure the safety of products stored in freezers. For example, it is important that the people in charge of handling them are properly trained to prevent any potential accidents.
  • Managers should check the power levels of freezers and ensure that they are always at the minimum required. This will prevent stored products from getting too hot and spoiling. Periodic maintenance should be performed to ensure proper functioning.
  • It is recommended that products stored in freezers should be inspected regularly to ensure that there are no signs of deterioration or contamination. If affected material is detected, immediate corrective action should be taken to ensure that it does not become completely damaged.
  • Users should be aware of the requirements for safe storage of products. It is essential to avoid any incident that may affect the health and safety of workers and products.
  • Security checks required by law must be passed before installation and maintenance technicians must be properly performed. Experts need to be informed of all regulations regarding equipment and review each to verify that they comply with each one.
  • When the safety of products stored in ultrabezosers for the laboratory is guaranteed with the highest standards, the quality of the products is maintained. This translates into higher quality products and lower costs that benefit both labs and users.

Indications of uses

  • These low-temperature equipment must be properly used and precisely calibrated to ensure that stored materials are protected. Maintenance and calibration times must be followed to avoid damage to materials. Although these equipments are a necessity for many operations in the laboratory, it is important to handle them with caution, in order to guarantee the safety standards, which define the technical characteristics of the product, guarantee the correct storage of the preparations, as well as the protection for the user.
  • Laboratory freezers are high-performance units for professional use. They are intended for use as research and general purpose cold storage, sample storage or inventory at operating temperatures between -25ยฐC and -15ยฐC. The units are not for general public use. It is not considered to be a medical device. They are not intended to be installed in hazardous locations or for the storage of flammable or corrosive inventory.
  • The freezer should be protected with the anti-roll support provided. If not installed correctly, it may tip over when shelves/drawers/baskets are loaded.
  • The unit should be level from front to back and side to side.
  • Connect the computer to an appropriate power source. Using the wrong voltage can cause serious damage to the equipment. For the safety of persons and smooth operation, this unit shall be grounded during use. Failure to ground may result in personal injury or damage to equipment.
  • For the proper operation of the freezer, the integrity of the airtight door latch is essential. Never pass objects through the door lock.

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