Eliminating noise and vibration: the new requirement for industrial washers in laboratories

February 10, 2023by Kalstein

Industrial washers are essential mechanical devices for a wide range of applications in industry, from medical to pharmaceutical to food processing; these washers are designed to provide consistent and effective cleaning. As technology advances and laboratories become more popular, one of the main requirements for these washers is to minimize noise and vibration during operation; eliminating noise and vibration from industrial washers in laboratories is a growing need. 

Excessive noise affects the work environment and can distract and distort the intellect of users, affecting productivity and efficiency

This concern extends beyond food processing environments; pharmaceutical, bioscience and diagnostic laboratories perform very delicate and precise tests and measurements whose accuracy and precision can suffer if appropriate noise and vibration precautions are not taken. 

In addition to noise, the limited physical space of laboratories can cause excessive vibrations as the washer runs; vibrations can cause equipment fatigue, forcing us to reprogram important variables such as measurement, calibration and weighing parameters. 

What are the solutions proposed by the manufacturers of industrial washing machines to eliminate noise and vibration

Measurement return varies in real-time measurement systems, which adds a difficult-to-collect measurement with a delay in results; washer manufacturers have implemented a variety of solutions to eliminate vibration, including: using anti-vibration devices, anti-vibration rubbers and flexibles. 

These tools help dampen vibration and noise, contributing to the isolation of mechanical elements; placing absorbent panels or sheets on the set or wall, placing materials that act as sound absorbers. 

Tools currently used by manufacturers to improve the sound, vibration and performance of industrial washing machines

Use low inertia motor motor systems, which reduce vibration as well as noise emissions; downsize the motor or use brushed motors, this reduces vibration and reduces noise produced by starting. 

Washer manufacturers may also recommend installation and vibration monitoring tools, such as hand-held vibration meters, tripod vibration meters, logarithmic microphones, and vibration behavior assessment tools. 

The measurement of washing machine noise should be carried out constantly, as this will help to ensure accurate and efficient results in laboratories  

These tools measure noise levels and help determine permissible limits; vibration control mechanisms are vital to vibration control in laboratories, as they contribute to the accuracy and quality of results. 

Currently, each laboratory has specific limits for noise levels, which must not be exceeded for the work to be effective; these measurements must be strictly controlled to maintain the balance between safety and productivity. 

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