Evaluation of color results with the Evaluation Box in medical laboratories

February 17, 2023by Kalstein

Medical laboratories are a vital part of the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases and medical conditions, and the evaluation of color results is one of the most important tools used to determine whether the results are adequate or not. To help medical professionals make accurate and conscious evaluations, special equipment such as the evaluation box have been developed. This is a comprehensive tool that allows you to evaluate color results more effectively.

These kits have been developed by instrumentation manufacturers, in response to the needs of analysts and researchers for a reproducible way to determine the color of an object, whether it is a body tissue, a piece of fabric or the color of a food. In that sense, color evaluation boxes come in different models, prices and options of purchase-sale, which must be arranged with the commercial house.

In relation to the above, this evaluation box contains a variety of parameters designed to grade color results in a way that is consistent and accurate. These parameters are evaluated using several methods, including standard measurements, subjective scale, and a palette with pre-set colors. The evaluation box is designed to ensure that the results can be compared to each other to obtain a reliable diagnosis.

What are the uses of the color evaluation box in medical laboratories?

One of the common uses of the evaluation box is to test urine samples for infections and kidney diseases. These samples are usually supplied in standard bottles with a label detailing the color results. The evaluation box is used to read and catalog these results using several different markers. These range from the most common colors such as yellow, orange and red to the most subtle patterns, such as shades of grayish, lilac and bluish.

Once results are cataloged, they are compared to previously established standards to determine an accessible diagnosis. In addition, the use of the evaluation box also extends to pre-natal diagnosis and monitoring of various health-related factors. This is especially important because timely diagnoses decrease the risks of future problems in pregnancy.

For example, it is used to evaluate pregnancy tests to determine the gestational age of a fetus. This is an accurate assessment that professionals can perform by comparing the color results of the evaluation box with those of the color box previously set. This comparison provides a reliable, real-time prognosis for the fetus’s health.

Why is the color assessment box an invaluable tool?

The evaluation box is also used in cosmetic surgery to measure skin tone before and after a procedure. It is used to determine the degree of skin pigmentation, or the amount of pigment produced by cells called melanocytes. This is important to know the results of the surgery, as this can affect the final outcome.

Ultimately, the Evaluation Box is an invaluable tool for medical professionals who strive to provide accurate and rapid diagnosis. This tool provides a variety of parameters to evaluate color results in a consistent and accurate way. This is undoubtedly one of the many incredible breakthroughs in modern technology that is vital to maintaining health and wellness.

Options in Kalstein color evaluation boxes

Kalstein evaluation boxes provide safety and quality features that make them suitable for use in medical diagnostic laboratories. They are equipped with several light sources, whose frequency and time of use is automatically stored. In addition, all its lamps are energy efficient. In our pages we can provide you with more technical details and clarify all the doubts you have. The websites are HERE and HERE.



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