What are the characteristics of the control panels of a trapezoidal freezer for a laboratory?

Importance of control panels in deep freezers

The laboratory freezers should have a control panel responsible for regulating indoor temperature and humidity, and so keep food or samples well preserved. These are of great importance because they can radically affect the quality of the material to be preserved. In fact, several investigations have found that panels with a lack of stability put the preserved product at risk because it can cause a substantial increase in pollution, therefore, its preservation would not be adequate. The panel must ensure a constant temperature inside the deep freezer to ensure proper operation.

The right control panel in terms of temperature and safety, is a fundamental factor for food conservation. Without it, it is not advisable to use an ultrabezier for the laboratory. These should be carefully designed, along with advanced technologies to ensure use. This can also help save energy and maintenance costs. It shall have several mechanisms and characteristics to ensure adequate preservation of the samples. One of the main ones is the regulation of the temperature of the freezing compartment.

Features a control panel should have in ultra freezers

  • Have universal software to monitor the cooling device including the acquisition, recording and display of temperature data.
  • Have a thermostat that will maintain the appropriate indoor temperature for the proper functioning and conservation of the food or sample.
  • Show the indication of the indoor temperature, this will allow to verify the current state of the food and samples conservation directly
  • Have equipment to improve food safety and preservation. This includes the alarm function, the panel will be responsible for indicating any changes in the interior temperature, which will ensure that the compartment remains under proper control.
  • Bringing door locking function, this prevents flux food from overfreezing or thawing prematurely. To complete this equipment, they must also have a method to defrost food or samples automatically, this will ensure orderly defrosting without quality possession.
  • Present a self-adjusting mechanism to regulate the interior temperature, together with the indication of temperature, alarm, door lock and automatic defrosting system. In this way, users will be able to make proper use, while their conservation of food and samples will be guaranteed.

Control Panel Functions

Main temperature display: during normal operation, it shows the temperature of the cabinet in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, measured by the main sensor located inside the cabinet. You can use buttons to display other values such as reference values and recorded maximum and minimum temperatures.

  • Thermometer: Displays cabinet temperature and alarm states.
  • Power failure: turns on if power is interrupted. In this case, an alarm will also sound.
  • Service Mode: Lights when the controller is in revision scheduling mode.
  • Up, down, left, right arrow buttons: A button used to adjust reference values in programming mode and for various screen functions.
  • Half-open door: Lights if the freezer door is opened for about 3 minutes.
  • Low battery: Lights up when the safety battery is low in charge.
  • Scan: button used to change the main screen and for other functions.

In conclusion, the control panels of an ultra-freezer for the laboratory are a vital factor in its operation. Appropriate controls shall ensure optimal food preservation and user safety. It is recommended that the configuration of the equipment be carried out by specialized technicians in such a way as to ensure its proper functioning.

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