How does the ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry sterilization work?

Jewelry cleanliness is critical to prolonging its life span. Sometimes, keeping jewelry in storage for some time can promote the accumulation of mites or dirt on the pieces. Also, when they are used frequently, in addition to accumulating various microorganisms or harmful substances, the color of the jewelry can be altered. The latter can be caused by the pH of the skin of the person wearing the piece, the effect of sweat, creams or perfumes.

Although it may seem simple, the complete cleaning of jewelry pieces can be difficult, particularly because they are delicate objects and if the design of the jewelry is complex or very intricate, dirt can accumulate in places that are difficult to access. For example, those pieces formed by many elements, with hollow spaces or engraved metals.

On the other hand, the use of inadequately sanitized jewelry can cause problems to the people who wear it, from allergies to infections, as well as to other people in their environment, through cross-contamination, for example, food handlers or packers of food, medicines, among others.

Difficulties in cleaning and disinfection of jewelry can be overcome with the use of ultrasonic cleaners. These are cleaning equipment that, through ultrasound and with the use of certain detergents and disinfectant solutions, facilitate the sanitization of jewelry pieces.

This device can effectively remove dirt by emitting high-frequency waves in the cleaning solution. These waves form small bubbles that, when broken, release any particles adhering to the jewelry, no matter how small.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaners for jewelry cleaning and disinfection

  • The time dedicated to cleaning the parts is short.
  • The equipment provides cleaning in easy-to-follow and easy-to-apply steps.
  • It is a cleaning system that is not aggressive with the jewelry pieces. It allows access to places of the jewelry where it is not possible with brushes or cloths.
  • There is no need to disassemble the parts for cleaning. This is useful with watch parts.
  • It is an environmentally friendly cleaning device.

Recommendations for the use of ultrasonic cleaners in jewelry making

    • Switch on the equipment only when the cleaning liquids have been placed inside it.
    • Place the jewelry pieces in the basket designed for this purpose. Do not place the pieces directly on the equipment tank.
    • Use temperatures appropriate for the pieces to be sanitized. A temperature of 60ยฐC will allow adequate cleaning; temperatures close to boiling may increase the risk of damage to the jewelry.
  • After cleaning the jewelry pieces, they should be rinsed to remove residues of the cleaning liquid and then dried with a soft cloth.

Important considerations for the use of ultrasonic cleaners in jewelry making

There are some pieces that cannot be subjected to cleaning in ultrasonic equipment, for example, pearls and soft and porous stones such as amber, turquoise, mica, lapis lazuli and jades. In the case of emeralds, although they are hard stones, their use is not recommended.

It is preferable not to use this equipment on pieces that are heat-treated to enhance color, such as tanzanite and some diamonds. Ultrasonic cleaners are also not appropriate for opal or tungsten pieces, materials such as coral, synthetic stones and costume jewelry.

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