Laboratory Equipment Technologies: Kalstein vs. Preekem CoolPex Vs. Sineo Tank

In a laboratory environment, having quality equipment is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable results in research. In this article, we specifically examine three notable manufacturers: Kalstein, Preekem CoolPex, and Sineo Tank, comparing their technical features to determine which is the most suitable for a modern laboratory.

Kalstein’s product range includes the YR04953, YR04954, YR04955, and YR04956 models, offering a choice of 6, 8, 10, and 12 vessels. In contrast, Preekem CoolPex and Sineo Tank provide only 10 and 12 respectively.ย  https://kalstein.us/product/microwave-digestion-system-yr04953-yr04956/

Pressure and Temperature Control

Pressure control is essential in any laboratory equipment. Kalstein’s models have a pressure control system for all vessels, which is not highlighted in the specifications of Preekem CoolPex and Sineo Tank.

Another crucial element is temperature control. Like pressure control, the variation from YR04953 to YR04956 of Kalstein offers temperature control in all vessels, ensuring accuracy in each experiment or sample.

Vessel Volume and Material

Regarding the vessel volume, while Kalstein and Sineo Tank equipment maintains a capacity of 100 ml per vessel, Preekem CoolPex only provides 60 ml. In addition, Kalstein’s vessels use imported TFM material for their inner vessels and imported PEEK and fiberglass for their outer vessels, offering resistance and durability.

Specification Model KALSTEIN
YR04953-/ YR04954/ YR04955/ YR04956
Vessels 6/8/10/12 vessels 10 vessels 12 vessels
Pressure control All vessels pressure control
Temperature control All vessels temperature control
Vessel volume 100ml 60ml 100ml
Pressure testing method / Temperature testing method Contactless
Vessel matrial Inner vessel: imported TFM / Outer vessel: imported PEEK&glass fiber Inner vessel: PFA Inner vessel: TFM / Outer vessel: Xtra Fiber
Pressure control range 0-15MPA 15MPA 0-15MPA
Inner vessel temperature limit 300โ„ƒ 300โ„ƒ 300โ„ƒ
Temperature range 50-400โ„ƒ -40-305โ„ƒ
Microwave power 0-1000W adjustable 1600W


Advantages and Disadvantagesย 

Kalstein outperforms its competitors in several aspects. It offers a diversity of options in terms of the number of vessels, allowing greater flexibility for different lab needs. It also excels in its adjustable microwave power range of 0 – 1000W, which surpasses the Sineo Tank that has a fixed power of 1600W.

However, despite its advantages, Kalstein is at a disadvantage in its pressure control range, which at 0 – 15MPA does not exceed the 15MPA of Preekem CoolPex.

Considering the technical features, advantages, and disadvantages; the YR04953- YR04956 range from Kalstein seems to be the most viable option for a lab in terms of versatility, pressure and temperature control, and durability. Therefore, its purchase is recommended despite the mentioned flaws. As a manufacturer of laboratory equipment, Kalstein offers a significant commitment in terms of price, performance, and after-sale service.