Laboratory oximeters. Operation and applications

October 9, 2022by Kalstein

This is an indispensable equipment that can be used inside or outside the laboratory, there are some table models and portable ones are available, its function is to measure the dissolved oxygen in liquids that can be used both in the field and in the laboratory, applied in treatment stations of effluents and waters in general; also called oxygen meter.

Usually two measuring scales are used: parts per million and saturation percentage, and it is important to calculate the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water, as that tells us the quality of the water; it allows us to control and know the levels of contamination of this, since where the low concentrations of this parameter are indicated that there are contaminants.

How does a laboratory oxymeter work?

The KALSTEIN oxygen meter is suitable to monitor the saturation of dissolved oxygen and% in water, it has a polarographic sensor that is the most important part of the apparatus and at the same time the most delicate, since it is a probe consisting of a silver anode coated with a platinum wire, which works as a cathode, now this sensor is inserted in a protective container filled with the electrolytic solution of potassium chloride, the container is of a permeable material that facilitates the passage of the oxygen present in the solution, but avoids the passage of the solution itself.ย 

The meter converts the current flow measurement into the corresponding concentration of dissolved oxygen. It should be noted that oxygen solubility depends on many factors, including temperature, atmospheric pressure and salinity of the solution. KALSTEIN oxygen meters are capable of automatically compensating for these variables, thus ensuring even more accurate measurements.

Applications of laboratory oxymeters

  • In fish farming, where oxygen must be measured to avoid mortality caused by low oxygen levels.
  • At nuclear power stations where oxygen control in their heavy water is required.
  • To measure oxygen in steam boilers, as it can cause corrosions, due to oxygen oxidizer.
  • To avoid metal corrosion in heating systems, as the percentage of oxygen directly affects the degree of corrosion.
  • They are generally used in various industries such as water, wastewater, chemicals, power plants, life sciences, food and beverages.
  • They are used for the control of aeration, fermentation or inertization.

Types of laboratory oxymeters brand KALSTEIN

We offer a variety of oxymeters or dissolved oxygen meters, which meet the most demanding requirements of your laboratory, encompasses three lines: table, desktop and online, with the most advanced technology and highly efficient materials, in addition to offering specialized technical advice to clarify and solve possible faults, if you want to expand the technical description of each computer we invite you to visit us at the following link HEREย ย 

  • Table top pH/ions/conductivity/dissolved oxygen meter YR01835: The multiparametric water quality meter contains 15 options, the meter is suitable for measuring pH, ORP, ion concentration, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen.
  • Desktop Meter DO / BOD / OUR / SOUR YR01831: The meter is suitable for measuring DO, BOD, our and bitter, accuracy: 0.2mg / L.
  • Table dissolved oxygen meter YR01832: the configuration menu contains 17 options, precision: 0.2mg / l.
  • Dissolved oxygen controller in line YR01840: The meter is suitable for monitoring the saturation of dissolved oxygen and% in water.
  • Table dissolved oxygen meter YR01833: 1 or 2 point calibration, the setup menu contains 9 options, precision: 0.2mg / l.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter Desktop YR01834: When calibrating 1 or 2 points, the setup menu contains 6 options. The meter is suitable for laboratory applications, precision: 0.5mg/l.

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