Oxygen Pump Safety Cabinets in Intensive Care Units (ICU)

October 3, 2022by Kalstein

Storing oxygen cylinders precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of patients and people nearby, and security cabinets are containers suitable for the safekeeping of such units. However, they must comply with protective standards and take into account all local laws and restrictions on the storage of empty containers.

In intensive care units (ICUs), use of bottles is essential because they are part of the most important drug for patients with severe and critical cases. The storage of these devices would prevent explosions, as happened in the city of Baghdad, where dozens of deaths were victims of flames caused by oxygen leaks and their poor location within hospital spaces.

Security System

Safety systems and recommendations related to the safe storage of oxygen cylinders are based on practical experience gained from incidents and accidents.ย  The gas cylinders should be protected against excessive heat, fire, dangerous corrosion, mechanical damage or handling by unauthorized persons. In addition, they should not be allowed to be stored in places blocking access or escape routes.

These must be stored in a specially built and well ventilated space. In addition, all local laws and requirements on the storage of hazardous substances should be taken into account to protect packaging stored outdoors against corrosion and extreme weather conditions and to comply with local legislation related to the storage of hazardous substances.

That’s why safety cabinets offer protection from flammable gas exposure, by ventilation on both sides of the cabinet body and are equipped with adjustable valves, which can rotate to control the volume of air and reduce the risk of accumulation of harmful gases in the cabinet and an OSHA standard electrostatic prevention cable clip that ensures safe use and management.

Recommendations for Storing Oxygen Pumps

The cylinders must be stored vertically with the valve protection cap in place and well protected against falling or overturning, except for those with the convex rear; these must be stored horizontally. With the use of cabinets, it is avoided to expose the cylinders to inappropriate temperatures and physical damage; such as rolling and dropping.

Storage temperature must not exceed 50ยฐC (122ยฐF). They must be stored in a well-ventilated room that is used only to protect medicinal gases and may not contain any flammable material. Full and empty cylinders should be stored separately and away from heat sources.

Likewise, it is recommended to hang very clear warnings in the storage area of prohibited smoking and lighting fire, or the use of ignition tools in its vicinity and that its handling is restricted to specialized personnel. In limited spaces, use self-contained breathing equipment, clothing, and standard protective equipment for firefighters.

Oxygen cylinders and pumps are used for many purposes. To avoid risks during storage, transport and emptying, and that is why it is recommended to follow these safety tips.

Security Storage Cabinets Brand Kalstein

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