60 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR053401 // YR053401-2

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

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Product Description

  • Environmental protection spray, strong insulation
  • Three-point linkage, double lock
  • Strong load-bearing, adjustable laminate
  • Electrostatic grounding, safety upgrade
  • Three colors, each with its own strengths
  • Double lock safe and reliable: Two locks, two managers. Double security, pad lock and cabinet lock, stardarized management, improve safety factor
  • Three point linkage solid lock post: Three point linkage cabinet door lock tongue locking structure, upper, middle and lower three-point linkage solide core lock colums to increase the security of the cabinet
  • Adjustable fire vent: The fire vents on both sides of the cabinet body are equipped with adjustable valves, which can rotate to control the air volume and reduce the risk of harmful gas accumulation in the cabinet
  • Liquid leak proof galvanized shelves: 4-110 gallons, regardless of size, the shelves are designed with leaked liquid guide groove, which is not afraid of leakage. The laminate can be adjusted up and down according to demand
  • Anti-static: each model is euipped with OSHA standar electrostatic prevention wire clip. Ensure safe use and management
Model YR053401ย  YR053401 -1 YR053401 -2
(H x W x D)
1 650 x 1 865 x 865
Weight (Kg) 145
Volume 60 GAL / 227 GAL
Door Type Double door / Manual
Description Yellow for Flammable Liquids ย Red for Corrosive liquids ย Blue for Combustible liquids
Adjustable shelf 2 Layer

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YR053401, YR053401-1, YR053401-2


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