Benchtop pH Meter YR01824

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Certificacion europea

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea

Product Description

Standard Benchtop pH Meter, Automatic Temperature Compensation The meter is suitable for educational applications, daily tests and controls.

  • The economy benchtop pH meter is equipped with a white backlit LCD display.
  • Automatic electrode slope display helps user decide if he wants to change the sensor.
  • Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate measurement, result.
  • 2-point pushbutton calibration with buffer auto-recognition.
  • PH electrode
  • The temperature probe (only for the PHS-3BW and PH-210 meter)
  • PH buffer bags (pH4.01 / 7.00 / 10.01)
  • The DC9V power adapte
Model YR01824 YR01824-1
PH range 0.00~14.00pH 0.00~14.00pH
PH precision Β±0,05 pH Β±0.01pH
The resolution 0.01pH 0.01pH
Calibration points 2 points 2 points
Calibration solutions. Ee.Uu. (pH4.01 / 7.00 / 10.01) Ee.Uu. (pH4.01 / 7.00 / 10.01)
Temperature compensation 0~100 Β°C, Manual 0 ~ 100 Β° C, Manual or Automatic
MV -1999~1999mV -1999~1999mV
MV precision Β± 10mV Β± 1 mV
The resolution 1mV 1mV
Temperature range / 0 ~ 100 Β° C
Temperature accuracy / Β± 1 Β° C
The resolution / 1 Β° C
Hold function / /
The connector BNC connector
Show LCD screen
Power requirements DC9V / 400mA Power adapter
Dimensions (mm) 210*205*65mm
Net weight / kg) 1,5 kg
Package size (W * D * H) mm 310*240*180mm
Weight (kg) 1,7 kg

Additional Information

Weight N/A

YR01824, YR01824-1


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