Clean Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Fabricante: Kalstein


Fabricante: Kalstein

Product Description

Laminar Flow Cabinet is a work bench or similar enclosure, which creates a particle-free working environment by taking air through a filtration system and exhausting it across a work surface in a laminar or unidirectional air stream. Is enclosed on the sides and kept under constant positive pressure in order to prevent the infiltration of contaminated room air. Is widely used in medical research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other research and production environments.

Model YR0479 YR0109 YR0109-1 YR0111
External Size
(W*D*H), mm
680*410*1160 802*650*1550 1040*615*1770 1440*615*1770
Internal Size
(W*D*H), mm
630*375*615 800*530*540 940*540*545 1340*540*545
Work Surface
/ 660mm 750mm 750mm
Display LED Display
Airflow Velocity Average of 0.3~0.5m/s, air speed adjustable.
Main Body: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Work Table: 304 stainless steel(except model YR0479)
Pre-filter Polyester fiber, washable
HEPA Filter 99.999% efficiency at 0.3um
Noise <65dB
Front Window / Manual,5mm toughened glass, anti-UV
Max Opening / 490mm 310mm 310mm
Illuminating Lamp Fluorescent Lamp
LED Lamp
LED Lamp
LED Lamp
UV Lamp
15W*1 20W*1 18W*1 30W*1
Emission of 253.7 nanometers
Consumption 160W 350W 350W 600W
Standard Accessory Fluorescent lamp, UV lamp*2
Water & gas tap
LED Lamp
UV lamp*2
Base stand
LED Lamp
UV lamp*2
Base stand
LED Lamp
UV lamp*2
Base stand
Optional Accessory / Electric height adjustable base stand
Caster / Universal wheel with leveling feet
Power Supply AC 220VĀ±10%, 50/60 Hz; 110VĀ±10%, 60HZ
Gross Weight 50kg 116kg 131kg 174kg
Package Size (W*D*H)mm 840*560*1380 960*800*1800 1200*850*1360 1600*850*1360

Additional Information

Weight N/A

YR0109 (110V), YR0109 (220V), YR0109-1 (110V), YR0109-1 (220V), YR0111 (110V), YR0111 (220V), YR0479 (110V), YR0479 (220V)


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