Precision Balance YR053519 // YR053524

Manufacturer:Β Kalstein

Manufacturer:Β Kalstein

Product Description

  • LCD/AC and DC power supply
  • Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion (g/ct/oz)…
  • Min weighing set
  • Overload alarm/Level indicator
  • Option:Dual display/Interface/Printer/Windproof/Dust cover
Technical Specifications
Model YR053519 YR053520 YR053521 YR053522 YR053523 YR053524
Capacity 210g 310g 610g 1100g 2100g 3100g
Readability 0.01g
Repeatability Β±0.02g
Linearity Β±0.03g
Pan Size Ø130mm
Stable Time ≀2S

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg

YR053519, YR053520, YR053521, YR053522, YR053523, YR053524


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