Rotation Mixer YR05763



Product Description

The rotary mixer is used for tissue culture, extraction, and determination of sedimentation rate (including chemical determination of various blood samples), such as: blood sample mixing, radioimmunoassay, glucose, in biological, chemical, animal and plant analysis, clinical experiments and many other aspects. Main features: They can be continuously mixed for a long time at a constant speed, and gently mixed to avoid cell rup­ture. lt can also be placed in an incubator as needed.

  • The instrument can be placed in the refrigerator, freezer and other wet environment.
  • A variety of centrifugai tube fixture is optional, applicable to 1.5-S0ml micro tube.
  • One key to start and stop, easy to operate, can run for a long time, smooth operation, low noise.
  • lt can be mixed in a gentle way to avoid cell rupture and continuous mixing for a long time at a uniform rate
  • Easily removable tube clip allows simple and quick cleaning of spilled samples.
  • The instrument can be run vertically up and down or rotated for different experiment requries.
  • With digital timer and speed display(only 80 model)
Technical Specifications
Model  YR05763
Speed 10rpm ~ 80rpm
Tilt  0° ~ 90°
Timer 0~99’59”
Electric  AC 100 ~230V, 50/60Hz
Power  30W
Products size  W.204 x D.319 x H.300mm
N.W/ kg 4.5 kgs

Additional Information

Weight 9725,04 kg

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