Water Purification System YR60-1

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description


YR Water Purification system can produce CAP/CLSI Type I reagent water for clinical analyzer.It enables direct connection and operation online. Independent manual control water outlet can be used for additional applications.

Maximum compability
  • Smart ROB water purification systems can be applied to prepare pure water solution for a series of biochemical analyzers, including TOSHIBA, OLYMPUS, HITACHI, ROCHE, MINDRAY and so on. Furthermore, our technical and application specialists are always available to answer any questions, as well as providing friendly, expert advices on choosing the most suitable water purification systems
High volume solution
  • Optional tank with 25L purification resin can meet heavier water usage, devreasing change frequency of consuambles.
Special emphasis on bacteria containment
  • On the basis of Smart ROB, the model Smart ROB-R further upgrades the system. It possesses a re-circulation function to always ensure a desirable pure water quality. UV, micro-filtration technologies and easy sanitization ensures optimal bacteria purity of less than 1 CFU/ml
Bypass function to save your worry
  • An emergency bypass prevents downtime by providing an uniterrrupted supply of pure water to the analyzer at all time. We understand that downtime can not be allowed in the clinical laboratory.
Technical Specification:
Model YR60-1
Particles (≤0.22μm): ≤1/ml
Output (pure water) 30L/hr output (pure water)
TOC ≤30ppb
Bacteria rejection rate >99%
Weight 37KG (main unit) 13KG (water tank)

Additional Information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 61 × 52,5 × 77 cm

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