Use of Electric Scalpel for Gynecology

November 7, 2022by Kalstein

Electrosurgery is a technique used in certain surgical procedures whose foundation is the use of the electric current, transformed into heat, applied through an electrode on the tissue, in order to cut or remove it, all while the bleeding is controlled. This technique is widely used and has special utility in the elimination of skin diseases, such as cancer, although it can also be used in other specialties, such as gynecology and obstetrics, for the elimination of abnormal tissues in the female reproductive system.

In any hospital center it is very important to have the necessary equipment to work and that these are also updated to meet the needs of patients. The success and quality of a procedure depend, in addition to the doctor’s skill and knowledge, on the implements that are used. For electrosurgery, it is vital to have up-to-date equipment and also have a series of features that make them safe and reliable for both the patient and the staff who are using them. One of the commonly used equipment in electrosurgery is the electric scalpel.

Electrosurgery and electric scalpel

Electrosurgery is a subspecialty of surgery, which is characterized by the use of high frequency electrical current, for the treatment of diseases and skin lesions. Its effects on the skin depend on several factors, including waveform, voltage, and current density. The instruments used in this subspecialty are the electrocautery, for tissue removal through the application of heat generated by electrical energy; electrolysis equipment, for tissue removal through the galvanic current; and the electric scalpel, with which electrode regulation, electrosection and electrocoagulation can be performed on the affected tissue.

The electric scalpel, also known as an electric scalpel, is an instrument used in electrosurgery through which the electrical energy is transformed into heat, in order to coagulate, cut and remove tissue, of course, following a protocol already established, with the purpose of preventing accidents. In this equipment, heat production is achieved by the passage and contraction of oscillatory electric current in a small area of the equipment, which the smaller it is, the higher the temperature the scalpel takes.

The foundation of this equipment is as follows, the electrical current is transformed, by an internal power source, into direct current. This part is responsible for distributing the power to the other modules. That’s when the RF oscillator module creates a carrier wave, and the coagulation oscillator module creates a modulator. The two are mixed, then enlarged and then come out through the pencil or through the clotting clamp, depending on the type of take the equipment has (monopolar or bipolar).

Electric Scalpel in gynecological procedures

Gynecology is the branch of medicine that is responsible for studying women, specifically the female reproductive system. As in other medical disciplines, the diagnostic tools in gynecology are physical examination and clinical history. Gynecologic examination includes inspection and palpation of the lower genital tract and breast examination. However, this specialty requires specific instruments of the profession, one of these is the electric scalpel.

The electric scalpel in gynecology is used, for example, for the treatment of lesions caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and in precancerous lesions. This instrument allows surgeries to be performed on the female reproductive system, such as biopsies of the cervix, vulva and vagina. When working in a delicate area of the body, personnel working with them must possess the necessary knowledge and precision that this type of procedure requires.

Kalstein brand electrosurgical equipment

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