What is a perinatal care team?

July 1, 2022by Kalstein

Maternal control is a necessary program in the provision of health services, so it is constantly carried out in the improvement of care to pregnant women. Perinatal diagnosis and management of rare diseases is a multidisciplinary activity, based on fetal images obtained by ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging and fetal chromosome study.

This effort requires information to achieve the effectiveness of the strategies used, according to the needs of the population. The objective is to determine the use of the necessary medical equipment for perinatal care, and to prevent the risk of anomalies and chromosomal suspicions.

Therefore, by performing ultrasound, it will allow the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and the suspicion of chromosomal abnormalities, through consultations, health actions, and pre-partum care, so that the management ends without complications.ย 

Finally, this preventive ultrasound technology requires a greater and more active participation of women, associated with a quality care offer of health services, to prevent, detect and treat maternal-neonatal complications, which are the main cause of morbidity and mortality of women and their babies.

Perinatal Technological Advances

For the development of the needs of maternal and perinatal control, the primary origin is established to determine the type of technological strategy, according to the needs of the population, that can contribute to the improvement of health influences the realization of ultrasounds. This methodology guarantees a complete and correct diagnosis and adequate follow-up of each pregnant woman until the end of her pregnancy.

Periodic ultrasound will also allow a cult analysis not only of malformations, but also of screening for diseases that can complicate pregnancy. Through ultrasound, it is possible to measure the progress of pregnancy and achieve an adequate development for childbirth, and thanks to this, it is possible to:ย 

  • Manage educational content for health, family and upbringing.
  • Prevent early analysis and appropriate method of pregnancy complications.ย 
  • Monitor fetal growth and vitality.ย 
  • Detection of maternal diseases.ย 
  • Decrease of discomfort and minor symptoms associated with pregnancy.ย 
  • Psychophysical preparation for birth

The use of perinatal ultrasound is intended to reduce maternal and prenatal mortality worldwide, with particular emphasis on women and adolescents living in environments where there is insufficient access to care services, and to certify that pregnancies have a positive experience of motherhood.

Benefits of Ultrasound for Perinatal Care

For pregnant women, ultrasound examinations are performed to show the highest risk of maternal or fetal problems. In addition, its main objective is to obtain the baby’s appreciation and gestational development.ย ย 

When these assessments are made, the growth and development of the fetus are accurately established, the gestational age, weight and size of the baby are estimated and at the same time, that fetal weight can be projected at the time of delivery.
In short, it is the way to explore the patient before it is born. Therefore, it is essential to perform ultrasound for perinatal care, in favor of adequate training.ย 

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