What type of water should be used for a water bath?

November 14, 2022by Kalstein

Water baths are equipment that allows maintaining a uniform temperature necessary for different tests and laboratory tests; so it depends on these tests, the types of samples and tests to be carried out that you select the type of water you should use; we refer to water type 2, type 1 and type 0, ranging from the required water, water that has certain conditions and definitely the water not suitable for this kind of equipment.

On the other hand, it is necessary to prevent the salts from adhering to the equipment, so it is advisable to use only distilled water, and it should be checked that it does not exceed the correct level; in addition it is necessary not to use water baths or marรญa baths with sensitive reactions to moisture, or over-heat by its flash point.

Types of water to be used for a water bath

Distilled water should be used, as it is considered to be a pure water, not weighing chlorine or minerals, which may cause some kind of reaction or boil that could damage the sample or equipment; has a pH of around 7, making it a neutral p, there are different types of distilled water that are classified by their purity level; they are classified through their chemical and physical properties.

Distilled water is used to prevent the embedding of metal ions on the resistance, this water is widely used not only in the baths of mary but in the different uses of the laboratory, to clean the equipment, prepare samples since it is free of electrolytes and mineral salts, in addition it is insulating and repels magnetism, and above all distilled water is used because its boiling point is higher than ordinary tap water.

Types of distilled water

  • Grade I: it is prepared by distillation and then polished through a mixed ion exchange bed and membrane filter.
  • Grade II: In addition to the processes that are performed to obtain water of grade I, for grade II, reverse osmosis and organic absorption should be done.
  • Grade III: to be considered distilled water must be obtained through four processes: distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis of continuous electrodesionization and membrane polishing.
  • Grade IV: to be considered distilled water must be obtained through four processes: distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis of continuous electro-deionization and electrodialysis.

How distilled water is used in water bath or water bath

1.Water should cover the resistance.

2.Use only distilled water, as it does not provide minerals such as carbon to resistance.

3.Distilled water maintains the stability of the temperature.

4.If you are going to use thermometers this must be suspended inside the water and not in the background.

5.Distilled water should be changed weekly.

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