What is a heating blanket?

The heating blanket is a piece of equipment used in laboratories to supply a certain stable temperature in a uniform and safe way to various containers, whose base is round. It is mainly used to provide stable temperature to volumetric balloons.

Its design makes the transfer effective thanks to the uniform temperature distribution in the entire area in contact with the container and the materials for which it is made; since it works under the principle of heat transfer by conduction. The blanket is the best option for the user due to its rapid heating and thermal response, since the heat they provide can be adjusted or regulated with a transformer, varying according to the needs that are required. Thus, this equipment is frequently used in basic and higher education laboratories of chemistry and biology to heat and temper organic liquids, which need to enter a process of boiling, evaporation, distillation or extraction; in addition to its use in quality control analysis.

This laboratory equipment is made of stainless steel and CR steel, and is also provided with an electrostatic paint coating. It has a heating element covered with fiberglass with a high thermal resistance. Additionally, it has rods for holding the glass parts with a height of 50 cm. It is available in different sizes and shapes.

Each heating blanket is equipped with a flexible and insulated heating device, which is what allows the containers to be positioned directly on it, without those made of glass, running the risk of breaking, suitable for flasks and funnels that are difficult to position ; and thanks to its circular design, it can be adapted to all kinds of jobs

Characteristics of the heating blanket

  • It can be used for different processes such as: soxhlet extraction, kjeldahl, boiling and distillation among many others.
  • It is available for various balloon sizes.
  • It reaches a maximum temperature of 350 ยฐ C and has an illuminated switch that signals the start-up.
  • They can be found in different volumes, ranging from 100 ml to 3000 ml.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and voltage and power configurations.
  • Custom designs according to the application.
  • Rapid heating and thermal response.
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Uniform temperature distribution throughout the contact area.
  • Simple and fast installation, adjusting to the contour of the element to be heated.
  • Does not require tools for installation.
  • Externally isolated for operator safety.

Importance of using the warming blanket

In laboratories dangerous substances and compounds are sometimes used to handle, including flammable compounds that require heating to certain temperatures, so their handling with specialized equipment is what is done. The heating blanket is a piece of equipment that is frequently used for this purpose.

Because over the years, accidents have occurred in laboratories caused by burning and open flames during work with chemical reactions or high temperature processes; it was necessary to create the heating blanket, in order to provide greater security when performing any procedure related to it.

For more efficient, environmentally friendly, clean and safe sample heating for laboratory workers, the heating blanket is a very essential and optimal piece of equipment in any application.

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