Ice Maker

Ice ice makers are specialized equipment that possess the ability thanks to their structure to produce large quantities of ice for disposal in any area or procedure required within the laboratory or other institution. They work by increasing the efficiency of ice production and by supplying large quantities of this element for the various procedures required.

The first thing you need to know is what is ice pellets, small cubes of soft ice that can be chewed up to swallow small amounts of water at a time. They are different from normal ice cubes because ice cubes are hard and difficult to chew.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Ice Makers for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it's normal that you don't know which Ice Maker to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory

For fruit and fresh foods, Ice Flakes makes all the difference. It looks good, thanks to its versatility, and tastes good...


High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory

High quality stainless steel is used anti-corrosive and durable. Compact structure is simple and space saving...


High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory

School laboratory, medical laboratory, chemical laboratory, biology laboratory and laboratories of other areas...


High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory

The cabinet is filled with fluoride-free thermal foam with good insulation effect. The inner lining is plastic...


Our Best Selling Ice Maker

  • R134a compressors without CFC of world famous brand are used. Major parts and components have passed the relevant safety certifications. The product has a stable quality and long service life.
  •  The ice making process is completely computer controlled, using imported computer chips to make the control reliable and work easily.
  • Advanced technologies and imported accessories make noise low, smooth and reliable operation. Ventilation holes and fans are deployed to ensure that the reducing motor functions in a formable manner.
  • The patented evaporator separated chip ice chamber line technology provides high cooling efficiency and great ice making capacity.
  • The type of ice making countertop style screw extrusion makes a compact structure and automatic water ice separation. The optimal design of the skate sheet makes the shape of the ice small and practical.
  • The unique float type water inlet system ensures that there is no wastewater.no ice cleaning process or wasted water is needed, saving water and energy.

Analysis of the best Ice Makers for your Laboratory

Ice maker: What technology do you use?

Ice makers are specialized equipment that possess the ability thanks to their structure to produce large quantities...


Benefits of the Ice Maker for the Gastronomic Sector

It is customary to think of ice in the kitchen as an accessory, an element that in the best case can serve to cool...


Advantages of Ice Maker for Shops

The ice maker is equipment that can be found in bars, restaurants, hotels, fruit shops and in fish shops to produce...


Importance of the Ice Maker for Trauma Units

Cryotherapy is a method of treatment that has flourished in recent decades for the treatment of certain aesthetic...


Guides to Becoming an Ice Maker Expert

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of Ice Maker of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some blogs to know more about our product.

Ice Makers: Recommendations and care

Ice makers are machines that make ice from moving water, as opposed to the traditional method of making ice, where the...

 Uses in a laboratory of the "Ice Maker" - Laboratory

An ice maker is a machine for making ice. This machine produces the ice from moving water, the difference...

ICE Maker: different types for hospitals and Laboratories 

This ice-making machine, its process is based on making ice cubes from moving water, which consequently removes...

Ice Maker: capacities

The tray freezes slowly and gradually in layers until the water freezes completely and creates the ice cubes. Once the correct temperature is reached, the tray heats up enough to allow the cubes to separate. The cubes are deposited...

Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Makers

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