Operation Lamp

Surgical lamps are special lamps designed to illuminate the operating room area, allowing optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths in incisions and body cavities. Its primary goal is to provide adequate lighting during a surgical procedure.

The lamps should be white as in the operating room the physician needs to be able to observe the color of any organ or tissue as this is an indicator of the condition and health of the patient. These lamps should also not generate infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) radiation because it can damage or injure body tissue that is exposed during surgery. 

Types of Operating Lamp that a laboratory may need

Operation Lamp YR02106

Light sources with four colors (green, amber, red and warm/cold white) are mixed exactly where...


Operating Lamp YR02125

Quantum leap becomes especially evident in the modern operating room, with criteria of safety, efficiency..


Operation Lamp YR02115

As an innovator and pioneer in the modern shadowless light operation industry, Kalstein incorporates advanced...


Operation Lamp YR02196

Quantum leap becomes especially evident in the modern operating room, with criteria of safety, efficiency...


Our Top Selling Operating Lamp

Revolutionary LED Lighting Technology - Brilliant Four Color Blend Concept
Light sources with four colors (green, amber, red and warm/cold white) mix exactly where it is created (in the single beam light condenser), but not in the surgical field, generating a super high IRC (Ra & gt; = 95 Meanwhile, the new light source requires fewer LEDs to achieve an ideal illuminance with less radiated heat.

The illumination inside an operating room, is considered one of the fundamental factors to obtain successful and uncomplicated surgical procedures. This illumination is effected through operating lamps that are special lamps designed to illuminate the surgical area, providing a bright, uniform illumination centered on the operating table during the surgical act.

Analysis of the best Operating Lamp for your laboratory

Different Kinds of Surgical Operation Lamps

The lamps used in the operating room are conditioned to provide optimal lighting during the operation ...


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Surgical lamps are devices used to illuminate the surgical field for a long time allowing an optimal visualization...


What is the name of the lamp of an operating room?

Surgical lamps, are those whose primary function is to illuminate the field of surgery and facilitate the visibility ...


Guides to become an expert in Operating Lamp

Operating Lamp equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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One of the aspects that is important that is part of the needs of a surgeon at the time of operating, is lighting; in operating rooms certain basic elements are needed for the surgeon to do his job such as: a sterilized environment, gowns and surgical material...

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