Gel documentation system

Characteristics of the gel documentation system.

The choice of a gel documentation system depends on your current and anticipated future needs. Bio-Rad Gel Documentation Systems can accommodate a wide range of samples and support different detection modes.

What features might you need in a gel documentation system?

Modular design and flexible options allow you to customize a system for your specific needs. Additionally, as your needs change and expand, our gel documentation systems have the flexibility to meet different sample types and detection modes.

Various data output and analysis methods provide a facility for data evaluation, custom reporting, data sharing, different types of results, and publication-quality imaging. For often repeated analyzes, automating specific data acquisition, analysis, and output modes can save time and reduce errors. Specific software modules are also proposed to meet the regulatory requirements of 21 CFR, part 11.

Signal accumulation number (SAM) is the collection of chemiluminescence data over time, making it possible to measure chemiluminescence as it develops. SAM enables the capture and analysis of a time course of chemotherapy luminescent signals, unlike film-based systems, where an image is captured at a single point of arbitrary point. In SAM-capable gel imaging systems, the system determines the best exposure time and the image captured. SAM provides fast and optimal results for ECL-based protocols and other chemiluminescence protocols.


Gel Documentation System YR04961 - YR04962

The Gel Documentation and Analysis System is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins. It adopts high-resolution and high-sensitivity scientific scientific CCD camera, which enables the instrument to capture absolutely low signals under extremely low lighting conditions. The automatic controls and intuitive software that we offer can help investigators get rid of the complicated operating process and thus increase the efficiency of the experience.


Gel Documentation System YR04963 - YR04964

Depending on the application, only use Arabic numbers, which are automatically combined in different applications, instead of the APEA and the professional focus parameter.

Operating mode

You can use your device with a PC or a standalone PC with a built-in touch screen. Just press the "TOGGLE" button.

UV Smart ™ Transition

Compared to traditional UV Transition, the UV SMART ™ "without the lamp" design offers uniform transmission and better background.


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