Climate Chambers

A controlled climate chamber is a space where different environmental conditions are faked to determine the behavior of the material to be tested. The cameras offer a wide range of applications such as environmental simulation, accelerated aging, quality control, materials and systems research, product stability study, wet conditioning, behavior analysis of animal and plant species, among others.

Therefore, it means that the walk-in climate chamber, is that thermostatic unit of large dimensions,   that a person can access. They are manufactured with special insulating panels, allowing to improve the weather conditions, generated inside the chamber. This type of climatic chamber is tailored to the measure, and each project is studied independently.

Types of weather chambers a laboratory may need

Artificial Climate Chamber

Climatic chambers are equipment or devices used in laboratories for the purpose of reproducing controlled conditions of temperature and humidity inside them for carrying out studies or tests, which verify the behavior and quality of products and materials exposed to such climatic conditions.

They are also known as controlled atmosphere cameras, as they can be modified depending on the needs that need to be covered by the operator. Among the parameters that can be modified or altered using these equipment we find: temperature, air circulation, and humidity. They can be used to perform the following tests: how to determine environmental effects on test samples, preparing samples for physical or chemical tests, and as an environmental condition simulator for conducting specimen tests.

Environmental Chamber

The stability chamber is a equipment that preserves samples, through studies involving climatic factors, as part of a productive or regulatory process. These studies are combined with variables such as lighting, temperature and humidity to define the conditions of stability and uniformity. 

For this, the stability study climate chamber can be divided into constant climate chamber and variable climate chamber, and are used to diagnose the states of the samples at defined levels, and consequently, allows the pharmaceutical industries, expand the evaluations, to guarantee and monitor the state of the products.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal climate chambers for your laboratory

There are countless models, so it's normal that you don't know which weather cameras to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Constant Climate Chamber YR05334

LED large screen display working status at any time monitoring; adaptive control temperature constant; original imported temperature...


Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber YR053286

Create a scientific method for the evaluation of drug failure for a long time to stabilize the temperature, humidity and light...


Strong Illumination Stability Test Chamber YR05353 

Strong illumination stability test chamber for pharmaceutical companies to evaluation of drug failure, accelerated testing...


Illumination (Ray radiation) Incubator YR05331

Balanced refrigeration, automatic defrost, environmental protection without fluorineR134 refrigerant, LCD display...


Our Best Selling Climate Chamber

Quality compressor with delay protection function; no high efficiency fluorine coolant, more energy saving; built-in tempered glass display window and high capacity intelligent humidification systems; Single air circulation to ensure uniform temperature. Simulate the weather and the natural environment, day and night, control the temperature and humidity is a team.

Balanced cooling, automatic defrosting, fluorineR134 coolless environmental protection, LCD screen, intelligent PLD control by microcomputer, five adjustable lights, built-in tempered glass display door.
It is applied to the germination of plant seeds, planting, bacteria, microbes, animal and insect feeding, product quality testing and other light uses, constant temperature experiments. It is an ideal environment test equipment for biology, medicine, agriculture and livestock, forestry, research departments in environmental sciences

Analysis of the best Weather cameras for your laboratory

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Climatic cameras on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Weather Chambers

Climatic cameras equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we put at your disposal guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Use of climate chambers for wood coating analysis

The climate chamber is a device that allows us to simulate certain environmental conditions, independently of the...

What is a Walk-in Climate Camera?


A controlled climate chamber is a space where different environmental conditions are faked to determine the behavior of the...

Why are climate cameras important?


Climatic chambers are equipment or devices used in laboratories for the purpose of reproducing controlled conditions of temperature...

What is a Stability Study Climate Chamber?

La evaluaciรณn de los productos manufacturados, en The stability chamber is an equipment that preserves samples, through studies involving climatic factors, as part of a productive or...

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