Power Supply

The power source for electrophoresis systems converts the alternating current that comes from the electrical supply, into direct current, and distributes it to the devices that request it. That is why it acts as a transformer, rectifier and as a regulator at its output, to avoid voltage peaks that damage the system.

The power of the Electrophoresis Power Source is designed for use in separating DNA, RNA, and proteins. And you must bear in mind that failures in the power supply of the electrophoresis chambers, can in turn cause failures in the execution of the technique, so we must ensure that it works in the correct way and that its capacity is sufficient to cover the power requirements of all internal components of the electrophoresis system.

Types of Lab Power Supply a Lab May Need

Basic Power Supply

Kalstein electrophoresis power sources are specially designed to work with horizontal and vertical electrophoresis chambers. They have microprocessors that control their operation. The power sources allow constant voltage work and also have a timer to work in specific time periods during which the process can be stopped and resumed later.

Our power supplies can present up to 4 outputs in parallel to connect up to 4 different cuvettes simultaneously, providing a great capacity for use and therefore ideal in clinical diagnostic and research laboratories.

Universal Power Supply

Among the main characteristics of a power source, reference is made to its capacity. Among these features we can point out:

  • Voltage: It refers to the voltage range that a source is able to provide, it is important to ensure that our source meets the voltage ranges for all our applications, because this range will not be exceeded.
  • Current: Specifies the current range that the power source can provide us. Like the voltage feature, this range cannot be exceeded.
  • Power: This parameter indicates the maximum combination of voltage and current that the source can supply us. It is very important to verify this feature since there are dual or multirank sources that are limited by their power, but allow different voltage and current ranges.

In Kalstein you can find the ideal Power Supply for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it's normal that you don't know which Power Supply to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

  Basic Power Supply YR03411

Molding shell, touch keys, microprocessor intelligent control. With automatic memory function. With standard...


High current Universal Power Supply YR03400

 Molding shell, touch keys, dual core microprocessor intelligent control....


High Voltage Power Supply YR03408

Touch keys, dual core microprocessorintelligent control;.0-9 digital button, make the operation...


Universal Power Supply YR03396

Molding shell, touch keys, dual core microprocessor intelligent control.0-9 digital...


Our Best Selling Power Supply

A power source for electrophoresis manages the constant and direct current to the electrophoresis system, as well as indicates and controls both the supply voltage and current consumption. In other words, this device provides the energy necessary for this system to function properly; and this delicate laboratory technique can be carried out.

  •  Molding shell, touch keys, dual core microprocessor intelligent control;
  • Indicate the preset value and the actual output value at the same time;
  • It can store 10 electrophoresis methods;
  • With automatic memory function;

Analysis of the best Power Supplies for your Laboratory

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Guides to Becoming a Power Supply Expert

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of equipment of Power Supplies of the highest quality and that have the best technology in the market, we leave you some guides so that you know more about our product.

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A power source for electrophoresis is a device that manages the current in a constant and direct way to the electrophoresis system, as well as indicates and controls both the supply voltage and the current consumption. In other words, this equipment supplies...

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Supplies

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