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The heating blanket is a laboratory equipment that generates heat in an efficient, environmentally friendly, clean and safe way, making it an essential equipment, whether for technological, research or production applications. It is mainly used for heating or tempering organic liquids placed in reaction boilers, round-bottomed flasks or reaction vessels for boiling, evaporating, distilling or extracting. 


Some liquids in the laboratory tend to burst when exposed to direct heat, or they may release flammable organic vapors that are heavier than air and may explode upon contact with open flames. The heating blankets have a closed heating system, designed to avoid these dangers.

Types of Heating Bed (Agitators) a laboratory may need

Heating Mantle YR05021 // YR05036

Digital type single position mantles are with outer sensor, multi position mantles are with inner sensor, outer...


Heating Mantle YR05039 // YR05048

Once shaping shell is made of cold rolled steel sheet with surface spraying treatment,nichrome heating wire, litter ...


Multi Heating Mantle YR05049 // YR05058

YR multi heating mantles are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other extraction procedures)...


Heating Mantle YR05055 // YR05058

YR05055 and YR05058 multi heating mantles are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other...


Our Best Selling Heating Mantle (Shaker)

YR multi heating mantles are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other extraction procedures), laboratory reflux and distillation applications.

  • Space saving design of the extraction mantle
  • Independ and separate temperature control at each different condition
  • Inner heating element consists soft glass fiber, protected from damage of flask
  • Precise PID temperature control meets high accuracy experiment needs

Analysis of the best Heaters for your laboratory

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Heating Mantles and measuring ball

The Heating Mantles is a piece of equipment used in laboratories, to supply a certain stable temperature...


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The Heating Mantles is a piece of equipment used in laboratories to supply a certain stable temperature in ...


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Catalog of models of Heaters (Agitators) on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Heating Mats (Agitators)

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of equipment of Heaters (Agitators) of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some guides to know more about our product...

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In this section you can find, our Heating Blocks (Agitators) in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Heating beds (Shakers) in operation

Heating blankets are available in more rigid fabrics or constructions, such as agitators or non-agitators, with controllers and without controllers. With them you can obtain different temperature ranges and have varying levels of regulation.

They provide short heating duration, distribute heat without creating condensed water, produce no flames and are safe enough to heat to more than 100°C. It is considered one of the best known and safest methods to heat a reaction mixture. Most of them have a hemispherical design and come in a variety of sizes to suit various shapes.

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