Microplate Washer

A microplate washer is a laboratory instrument used to perform washing operations during the ELISA technique. Washing is one of the crucial stages during the realization of the ELISA technique, because, to obtain the best results, that is, the maximum relationship between the specific signal and the background signal, careful washing is essential; for this purpose special solutions are used, among the most used is the phosphate buffer solution or PBS. 

The ELISA technique is based on an antigen-antibody reaction performed on a polystyrene surface. Unbound immunoglobulins (antibodies) by reaction to the antigen are eliminated during the washing process. Washing in the ELISA technique is an operation that can be performed manually, but if you have high demands and if you work with potentially contaminated substances, it is better to use automated washing equipment such as the microplate washer.

Types of Microplate Washer a Laboratory May Need

Microplate Washer YR05124

 Shaking or soaking, time can be adjustable,
 Waste and lotion and distilled water liquid warning...


Microplate Washer YR05125

 Shaking or soaking, time can be adjustable
 Waste and lotion and distilled water liquid warning...


Microplate Washer YR05126 

Inner Centrifuge, no residual liquid, no need to pat the micro-plate after wash, Double plate washing at the one time...


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It is extremely essential not only to respect the number of wash cycles and buffer volumes in each well. The soaking time is standardized to reduce the interference produced by the samples, as well as to eliminate the conjugate not specifically bound to the reaction, and its objective is to provide sufficient time to allow the diffusion of the components to be eliminated in the buffer, thus making the washing performance more optimal. Washing processes carried out in the ELISA microplate washer include: top-down suction, simultaneous suction and dispensing and suction from the bottom of the wells.

The importance of the microplate washer is that during the ELISA a microplate washer is responsible for removing unbound material and reagents that have not reacted. Washing is a critical stage in the performance of the technique. 

Analysis of the best Microplate Washer for your Laboratory

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Microplate Washer models on sale


Guides to becoming an expert in Microplate Washer

There are many models of Microplate Washing Machine  so it's normal that you don't know which one to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we help you find what you were looking for.

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A microplate washer is a laboratory instrument used to perform washing operations during the ELISA technique...

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