Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators are mainly used for the storage of samples and reagents. They maintain a constant temperature to minimize the risk of cross-contamination or explosion of volatile materials. In order to maintain a stable and uniform temperature, many refrigerators have a fan that circulates the air inside the appliance. When the refrigerator door is opened, the fan stops automatically to prevent the cold from escaping. Freezers are refrigeration equipment comprising a thermally insulated compartment and a refrigeration system, which helps you keep cold and slow rot.

It is kept cold by compression or by absorption, which is able to keep the products stored inside at a temperature below 0 °C, normally between -30 °C and -4 °C.


Types of Refrigerators and Freezers a lab may need

Combined Frezeer

The laboratory freezer is one of the most important equipment. Its function is to maintain, in a controlled environment (refrigerated space), various fluids and substances, so that they are kept in good condition while the temperature, decreases the chemical and biological activity. To achieve this, it is required that the interior temperature of the refrigerator is lower than the ambient temperature.
Although it can be easy to identify, the laboratory freezer has the main function of properly storing any type of substance, whether liquid or homogeneous, in order that, when performing the analyzes, they generate the correct results.

Medical Refrigerator

A laboratory refrigerator is one of the most important equipment. Its function is to maintain, in a controlled environment (refrigerated space), various fluids and substances, so that they remain in good condition, while temperature, decreases chemical and biological products. To do this, it is necessary that the internal temperature of the refrigerator is lower than the ambient temperature.

There are two main types of refrigerators in the health sector: laboratory refrigerators and pharmacy refrigerators. Both should allow easy and complete cleaning of surfaces and should offer high reliability, especially with regard to temperature control. Some models also offer an automatic defrosting and/or forced air cooling function.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Refrigerators and Freezers for your laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Refrigerators and Freezers to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Standing Deep Freezer With Color Sprayed Steel YR05307

The product is widely used for storing biological materials,like vaccines blood plasma, etc. and our medical...


PCR Laboratory R290 Upright Stand Alone Freezer YR05321

To securely preserve/manage the valuable samples, in addition to a standard-feature door lock, a hole in the latch allows...


Top Open 305L Laboratory Deep Freezer YR05317

Accurate Temperature control technology to make the temperature maintain-10℃~-25℃and accuracy 0.1 °C....


105L Biomedical Chest Freezer Open Top YR05316

Power failure protection: turn on delay of the cooling system when power failure,restart delay protection....

Our Best Selling Refrigerator and Freezer

‘-86C Ultra low temperature freezer 58L medium capacity ultra low temperature freezer with CE FDA.


  • Malfunction alarms including high and low temperature, power failure, sensor error, clean-filter, and extremely high ambient, abnormal voltage, thermostat failure, low battery, condenser clean and door ajar
  • Remote alarms contacts.
  • Microprocessor-controlled system designed for controlled range of -40C to -86C for cabinet space with 1C increment.
  • Adjustable storage shelf height
  • Optional temperature recorder, storage racks and storage boxes.

Analysis of the best Refrigerators and Freezers for your laboratory

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Guides to becoming an expert in Refrigerators and Freezers

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of Refrigerators and Freezers of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some blogs to know more about our product.

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Videos of Refrigerators and Freezers in operation

In this section you can find, our Refrigerators and Freezers in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc...

Refrigerators and Freezers in operation

Each of the refrigerators you'll find in a lab are of great importance. This allows substances of biological and reactive origin to be preserved. In this way, the analyzes and studies to be carried out will be optimal.
It is important to note that for the best performance of refrigerators, it is necessary to be located in a cool and ventilated environment. At least there should be a window to avoid heating the area.

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