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Laboratory reagents are very important products for conducting scientific experiments, industrial applications and diagnostic studies. These products are designed to ensure accuracy and reliability that cannot be achieved with similar products purchased commercially. There are many different types of laboratory reagents and here we will explain the three main ones: inorganic reagents, organic reagents and diagnostic reagents. 

Inorganic reagents are generally used to add ions, acids, bases and other materials to the experiment to be performed. This is used to ensure greater accuracy and reliability in the results. These reagents also provide specific reactivity for the added elements, which is extremely beneficial for scientists as they are conducting specific experiments.


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Hematology Reagents Package

Hematological reagents are indispensable in the use of the hematological analyser. Hematological reagents include haemolytic agents...


Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the content of other substances, the distribution of...


Hematology Reagents

Among them, the hemolytic agent is used to destroy red blood cells, ensure the white blood cell count, perform the classification of red blood cells...


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Hematological reagents are indispensable in the use of the hematological analyser. Hematological reagents include haemolytic agents, diluents, cleaning solutions and concentrated cleaning solutions. Among them, the hemolytic agent is used to destroy red blood cells, ensure white blood cell count, perform red blood cell classification and detection of HGB; diluent is used to maintain the volume and shape of cells, and form a conductive environment; cleaning solution and concentrated cleaning solution are used for the maintenance of pipes, needles and counting and maintenance pools.

Kalstein offers a full range of hematological reagents such as diluent, lysis reagents and cleaners for most hematological analyzers on the market, including 3-part differential models and 5-part differentials.

Analysis of the best Reagents and Consumables for your laboratory

What are Laboratory Reagents?

Laboratory reagents are chemicals used by scientists to conduct their research experiments. Laboratory reagents are...


What are the different compositions  Reagents?

Laboratory reagents are liquid solutions with a specific content of chemicals, e.g. bases, acids, salts, etc. These solutions are used for...


What are the Benefits of Reagents?

Reagents are an important source of resources for chemical and pharmaceutical industry professionals. These materials are...


How are Reagents identified in the Laboratory?

Identification of the reagents in a laboratory is a critical activity for the whole team. This is because much scientific research...


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In the laboratory, proper handling of reagents is an essential part of scientistsโ€™ work. This is because it is not only about the...

What are the most dangerous laboratory reagents and why?

Laboratory reagents are one of the most important elements of chemistry laboratories. These reagents, also known as...

What are the applications of Reagents

Reagents, which can be both natural and artificial, are chemicals that bind to bodies reacting to certain conditions. Within...

What are the most commonly used Reagents in the Laboratory?

The reagents used in the laboratory play a primary role in obtaining results for various scientific experiments. Scientists use certain reagents depending on the reaction expected from the experiments under investigation...

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