A Bacticinerator is a laboratory machine designed to sterilize and discard inoculation handles. Inoculation loops are generally used to handle hazardous biological samples in a laboratory. They are essential for safe work in a laboratory, as they prevent cross-contamination of samples. An inoculation handle incinerator works by burning the handles in a combustion chamber, at a temperature that is high enough to destroy all living organisms.

They are usually operated by the laboratory controller and the laboratory controller is responsible for the safety and operation of the equipment. They will ensure that the handles are charged correctly and that the appropriate temperature is reached in the combustion chamber. They are used to ensure that the loops do not contaminate other samples and that diseases do not spread.

Types of Bacti-Cinerator a laboratory may need

Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer YR05322

 bacti-cinerator sterilizer sterilizes micro-organisms utilizing infrared heat produced by a ceramic core element...


Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer YR05323

The small footprint makes the bacti-cinerator sterilizer an ideal instrument for anaerobic and aerobic chambers...


Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer YR05324

The YR05324  and YR05325 are our company new products for the bacti-cinerator sterilizer. The angle of the heater...


Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer YR05325

Sterilizes needles, loops, and culture tube mouths in five to seven seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature...


Our best-selling Bacti-Cinerator

  • Glass bead sterilizers are a quick, easy and accurate alternative to traditional methods of sterilization.
  • Once switched ‘ON’, the units are ready to use within 25min and ensure total sterilization by destruction of all micro-organisms within 10 seconds.
  • Glass bead sterilizers are incorporated with an imported thermostat, which heats the highest temperature with 300°C in 25m in, these units having a stainless steel body, are compact enough to be placed on any Laminar air flow work benches or any other workside tables in a clean room atmosphere.

Analysis of the best Bacti-Cinerator for your laboratory

What are the Functions of a Bacti-Cinerator?

The use of lighters was the ideal equipment for sterilization within the laboratory. But today, with the existence...


Why is a bacti-cinerator important?

A bacterium-incinerator is a device used in microbiology laboratories to sterilize instruments, consisting...


What are the Bacticinerator Applications?

For the sterilization of the handles used in microbiology laboratories, the use of the Bacticinerator...


Bacticinerator Characteristics

The Bacticinerador sterilizer is a gas-free, flameless laboratory instrument for use with microbiological...


Bacti-Cinerator models catalog on sale


Guides to becoming an expert in Bacti-Cinerator 

Bacti-Cinerator equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert..

Safety measures for the use of the Bacticinerator in the laboratory

It is important to comply with security measures, because it is not only the right way to work, it is the only way to do it...

Benefits of Bacticinerator for Microbiology tests in the Laboratory

The work of the microbiology laboratory is to identify precisely, firmly and quickly the responsible agents at the species...

What are the Sterilization Systems offered by the Bacticinerator?

Firstly, all laboratory equipment and instruments are exposed to be contaminated by microorganisms, something...

What are the differences between Bacticinerador and the Lighter?

Currently, lighters are applied in laboratories around the world, for the sterilization of flasks. However, through the integration of sterilizers such as the Bacticinerador...


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