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We offer a personalized approach and continuous support to ensure our clients’ success on
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Constructed with solid foundations for sustainable success.

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We are committed to the environment and always searching for sustainable and efficient solutions for the industry.


We provide personalized online training to ensure our clients’ success. With innovative solutions and a focus on continuous learning.

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With every purchase of a Kalstein product, you will be making a contribution to a foundation fighting against cancer.


Offering innovative solutions with a priority focus on high-quality post-sales technical support.


Products and sectors

We offer state-of-the-art and advanced solutions for a wide range of sectors including medical, laboratory, dental, furniture, and rehabilitation. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service, we strive to provide efficient and effective solutions to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Scientific sector


We offer over 30 product lines for the laboratory sector. We provide innovative solutions, cutting-edge equipment, and personalized technical support. We work with the highest quality and efficiency, always focused on meeting the changing needs of the sector.

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We offer a range of educational resources, including informative catalogs, videos, webinars, and more.

Laboratory equipment (PDF)

PCR Tests/ Thermal Cyclers webinar (PDF)

Biological biosafety cabinets (PDF)

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Medical sector


Wide variety of medical sector lines. We offer innovative and high-quality solutions to improve efficiency and patient well-being. Explore our section and discover how we can help you achieve your medical goals with our products.

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We offer a range of educational resources, including informative catalogs, videos, webinars, and more.

Electric medical bed (PDF)

Infant Phototherapy Incubator (PDF)

Operations Lamps (PDF)

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Centrifuges: between science and industry.

The creation of the first centrifugal machine in 1848 revolutionized the sugarcane industry and the way in which it was purified. Before its creation, debugging was a tedious, manual process that required a lot of time and effort.

March 21, 2023Articulos

During tattooing, there is a risk of infection by various microorganisms transmissible through blood. The entry of the tattoo needle into the skin can introduce a variety of microbes if the needle has not been sterilized.

March 21, 2023Articulos

Jewelry cleanliness is critical to prolonging its life span. Sometimes, keeping jewelry in storage for some time can promote the accumulation of mites or dirt on the pieces. Also, when they are used frequently, in addition to accumulating various microorganisms or harmful substances, the color of the jewelry can be altered. The latter can be caused by the pH of the skin of the person wearing the piece, the effect of sweat, creams or perfumes.

March 21, 2023Articulos

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that allows effective cleaning of delicate items or hard-to-reach areas, removing dirt and bacteria that otherย cleaning devicesย areย unable to remove. They are usually formed by a container, in which the object or objects to be treated are introduced, immersed in a special liquid through which high frequency waves propagate, generating an effect called acoustic cavitation through which an optimal cleaning is achieved.


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