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The quality of the water in the laboratory is one of the main concerns of those trying to carry out accurate and efficient experiments. The overall water purification process involves not only the final ultra-purification stage, but also a pre-treatment stage. Since the latter removes most of the contaminants in tap water, optimal quality water can only be achieved in the laboratory if the pretreatment stage can be trusted to produce purified water that meets specifications.

Purified water is essential in all laboratories. In addition to being used to wash glassware and prepare solutions for chemical and clinical tests, it also serves as feed water for systems that produce ultrapure water. Ultrapure water is used in the crucial applications or experiments, HPLC, immunohistochemistry, in vitro fertilization, ion chromatography, to name a few. Hence the importance of laboratories having excellent water purification systems.

Types of Water Purification Systems a Laboratory may need

Water Purification System YR56 / YR56-1

The content of organic and inorganic substances in the feedwater are reduced to values approaching their limites...


Water Purification System YR60-1

YR Water Purification system can produce CAP/CLSI Type I reagent water for clinical analyzer.It enables direct connection...


Water Purification System YR55 / YR55-3

YR Water Purification system is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultrapure water in a single unit...


Water Purification System YR54 / YR54-3

YR Water Purification System is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultra-pure water in a single unit...


Our Best Selling Water Purification Systems


YR Water Purification system can produce CAP/CLSI Type I reagent water for clinical analyzer.It enables direct connection and operation online. Independent manual control water outlet can be used for additional applications.

Maximum compability
  • Smart ROB water purification systems can be applied to prepare pure water solution for a series of biochemical analyzers, including TOSHIBA, OLYMPUS, HITACHI, ROCHE, MINDRAY and so on. Furthermore, our technical and application specialists are always available to answer any questions, as well as providing friendly, expert advices on choosing the most suitable water purification systems
High volume solution
  • Optional tank with 25L purification resin can meet heavier water usage, devreasing change frequency of consuambles.

Analysis of the best Water Purification Systems for your Laboratory

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How many laboratory water purification systems are there?
- Kalstein

The importance of having quality water in laboratories, focuses on the usefulness and need that purified water represents.

Water distillers, ion exchange systems, reverse osmosis, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Equipment required in laboratories for the separation of mixtures of components in liquid state, by vaporization and condensation; is used in multiple functions within clinical and industrial laboratories, since it allows to obtain water of great purity.

Water Purification Systems in operation

The importance of having quality water in laboratories, focuses on the usefulness and need that purified water represents to wash the glass material, in addition to feeding systems that produce ultrapure water; obtaining quality water is the main concern of laboratory users to carry out accurate experiments and optimal and efficient research; so water purification systems play a very important role; and we must be aware of the variety of systems that exist, their advantages and disadvantages. 

In water purification systems it does not matter only the final stage, where the result is ultrapure water, but the pretreatment system, since it is at this stage where the greatest composition of contaminants is eliminated, these pretreatment processes are those that guarantee a purified water, which is used in different applications within the laboratories, an inefficient water purification system will affect the productivity of the laboratory, impairing the reliability of experiments and materials in use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Purification Systems

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