A colorimeter is a device used to measure and analyze colors. Currently, thanks to technological development, there are models of this equipment designed for very specific uses and applications, among which we can mention the transmission colorimeters that allow to determine the concentration of a chemical component, as well as some models of colorimeters are also able to analyze the color of opaque products such as plastics, paints, metals, ceramics, among others, while other colorimeters are used to adjust light sources or calibrate monitors.

In other words, a colorimeter is a device of an electronic nature that allows the identification of colors and their hues, providing precise and objective measurements of the colors being analyzed, and thus offering an accurate measurement of the intensity and hue of the color. 


Types of Colorimeter a Laboratory may need


A spectroradiometer is an instrument that allows to quantify the distribution of the spectral power emitted by the light source. That is, it measures how intense the color is, since it accurately measures luminance, glow and chromaticity. It has an integrated optical measurement and orientation system that measures light from approximately 380 nm to 780 nm, and is widely used mainly in research and development laboratories due to its high precision to analyze lighting in a production, as well as to carry out quality control, as well as to calibrate liquid crystal displays that are made for televisions and laptops.

It is a device composed of a set of configurable modules that facilitate its use in all types of optical systems. Its basic components include its light source, a monochromator and a radiometer or detection system. The equipment also has a varied set of lighting systems: arc, halogen and spectral lamps. 


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Colorimeter for your Laboratory

At Kalstein we have an excellent range of Colorimeters for your laboratory. That's why we invite you to take a look at some of our available Colorimeters.

Spectrocolorimeter YR05518 – YR05519

YR05516 // YR05519 This is Kalstein using autonomous-core technology research...


Spectrocolorimeter YR05516 – YR05517 

YR05516 // YR05519 This is Kalstein using autonomous-core technology research...


Precision Colorimeter YR05513

Kalstein team concentrates on customer needs and develops a new serie YR05509 // YR05513 with high precision & low cost...


Precision Colorimeter YR05512

Double openings: flat opening of Φ8 mm and tip opening of Φ4 mm for switch, easy concave sample...


Our Best Selling Colorimeter

YR05506 // YR05508 precision colorimeter features with 8/d structure that is very precise. 8mm measurement aperture makes it popular in many applications, such as fabrics, paper, plastic parts, building materials. CSCQ3 software helps perform color difference analysis, color difference cumulative analysis, chromaticity index, color sample database management, simulating object color, etc.
The Kalstein colorimeter spectrophotometer   it is widely used in industries of plastic, electronics, painting, ink, textiles, garments, printing and dyeing, food, medicine, cosmetics, scientific research institutes, schools and laboratories. Not only can it help to perform color combination and color management studies, but it can also control product quality management. The Kalstein colorimeter is equipped with high-end color management software that can be connected to a PC for more extension functions.

Guides to become an expert in Colorimeter

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Colorimeter to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Differences between Spectrocolorimeters and Colorimeters

Today colors play a fundamental role in our lives. However, unlike other parameters such as weight or length, there is no...

Why is a colorimeter important in the Laboratory?

A colorimeter in the laboratory is considered a very effective tool when identifying a color and its hue, since it allows to obtain a more objective...

What are the types of Laboratory Colorimeters?

Colorimeters are instruments used to determine the exact composition of a color, because they have the ability to provide accurate and objective...

What is a colorimeter?

A colorimeter is a device used to measure and analyze colors. Nowadays, thanks to technological development, there are models of this equipment designed for uses and applications...

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