What is the ion meter used for?

The ion meter is a piece of equipment used to detect the concentration or activity of ions in a solution. There are different types of ion meters; some are designed to measure a specific ion.

Ion meters are used for multiple purposes, and in many areas; as it is in mining, livestock, laboratory, agriculture, arts, food industry, drinking and waste water, among many others.

Ion Meter Utilities

  • Measurement of calcium in water: this helps consumers to accurately understand their calcium intake.
  • Determination of potassium in seawater.
  • Measurement of water salinity: This is of great importance, as aquatic organisms, livestock and crops thrive at different levels of salinity.
  • Determination of sodium concentration in food: allows understanding and limiting salt intake and reducing health risks.
  • Measurement of the sodium value in canned food: due to the concern about the high concentration of sodium it is relevant, since excess sodium can cause high blood pressure and hypertension.
  • Measurement of calcium in milk and milk drinks: this helps the consumer to know precisely their calcium intake.
  • Nitrate measurement in hybrid sorghum and Pearl Millet hay: used to prevent livestock from being poisoned by nitrate.
  • pH measurement in sausage: controlling the alkalinity or acidity of the meat in the manufacture of sausage harms the proliferation of bacteria, providing better quality to the product.
  • Determination of available nitrogen in the soil: the concentration of nitrates in the soil is a good indicator of the nitrogen present, available to plants.
  • Measurement of pH in the soil and availability of nutrients: for the prosperity of the crops, the soil must have an optimum pH that varies depending on the crop; so it must be controlled.
  • Rapid determination of the nutrient content in the tomato crop: it is used to monitor the nutritional load and to manage the fetirrigation of said crop.
  • Measurement of potassium in rice: potassium is one of the essential nutrients for plants, which is supplied by irrigation to rice crops.
  • Quick determination of the nutrient content in strawberry cultivation.

There are many other utilities for an ion meter, but it should be noted that its most frequent and impactful use is about measuring and controlling the purity of water. Since pure water is required for many laboratory and hospital procedures In addition to drinking water for consumption, it must be as optimal as possible to avoid diseases and health conditions of people.

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