Laboratory pipettes, which are the main brands?

Pipettes are indispensable products to carry out the development work of a laboratory, to handle chemical, toxic, reactive agents or biological material; to carry out these tasks we need the best equipment, but also the best prices and quality; so KALSTEIN offers you a list of the best brands of laboratory pipettes, classified according to their quality and that suits your needs.

To recognize the best pipettes we must take into account those that allow the transfer of small quantities, if we require glass or disposables, those that allow us to measure exact volumes, resistant to high temperatures, those of accessible price, reusable glass; remember that the main function of this measuring instrument is to extract or expel volumes with great accuracy and precision in small quantities.

Main classification of laboratory pipettes

  • Graduated Pipettes: they carry a volume measurement scale along a tube of uniform diameter and can measure any volume and be of various sizes, they are graduated in divisions of 0.1 ml.
  • Volumetric pipettes: they are glass tubes that have a globito approximately in the middle of it, pour a single and fixed volume, and can have one or two capacity.

Main brands specialized in laboratory pipettes

  • BiuZiBrand: single-channel manual detachable adjustable plastic micropipette; light weight, ergonomic design, digital display, fine-tuning structure can be for convenient calibration and regulation, suitable for liquid transport during analysis and medical experiment.
  • FOUR E’S ScientificBrand: they are general micropipettes for sampling and precise dosing of volumes, digital display, ergonomic design, disposable tips, autoclave sterilization, calibration.
  • TopPette Scientific brand: automatic pipette, easy and simple operation, ย easy to calibrate, ergonomic design, autoclavable, digital display, functional for display and distribution of exact and precise volumes.
  • NewCayon Brand: for sampling and transferring accurate volumes, it works under the principle of air displacement and uses disposable tips, adjustable volumes, highly accurate, autoclavable.
  • Delaman Brand: single channel pipettes, dimensions suitable for use with the hand, use and precise operation, includes tools for calibration, ergonomic design, used for liquid transport during ysis and medical experts, professors, industry and research.
  • Angelikashalala Lab brand: for use in medical, teaching, experimental analysis, for sampling and transfers of liquids, with digital window, hook design, a single button for aspiration / discharge.
  • IKA MicroKit A brand: German manufacturer, pipettes with air cushion, automatic calibration, volume locking function, ergonomic, autoclavable, UV and chemical resistant.
  • Kineca brand: glass pipette, removable head, 10 ml capacity, durable material, legible calibration marks, material resists capable of withstanding high temperatures, perfect for precise mixing and measurements.
  • Linsung brand: pipettes made of borosilicate glass, ideal for strong chemicals, legible calibration guides, reusable material, 1ml capacity, removable rubber head, difficult to clean, fragile material.

Best recommended brand of laboratory pipettes

  • KALSTEIN brand: pipettes designed in resistant material, robust, precise, fixed volume air displacement, digital indicator, volume screen, autoclavables, ergonomic design, chemical resistance, allows contamination-free operation, allows pressure of liquid media of high viscosity, high density or high vapor pressure; usable in chemical, industrial, medical, university laboratories, experiments, among other areas ofย  Application, as it is designed is perfectly balanced to avoid fatigue.

Types of laboratory pipettes Kalstein brand

  • Electronic Macropipette.
  • Pump Pipette.
  • Repetitive Pipette.
  • Multichannel Pipettes for Liquid Handling.
  • Pipettes for liquid handling.

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