What does homogenized mean?

A homogenate refers to something that has been subjected to a homogenization process. Homogenization refers to the processing of a sample or solution so that it becomes uniform, it is generally used with components that are not soluble in each other, that are barely miscible or that are not miscible at all.

In general, the term is applied to the process to which the milk is subjected to later be marketed to the consumer. In this process the milk is forced through a very fine sieve at high pressure. This causes the fat molecules to break down and combine with the watery portion of the milk, resulting in a fairly smooth liquid that won’t separate. You should also keep in mind that the homogenization process is a very common step when preparing biological samples in the laboratory, such as before performing nucleic acid and protein analysis, cell studies, metabolic studies of parasites and microorganisms, and other purposes. experimental and scientific. This is done through the use of a laboratory homogenizer.

What is a laboratory homogenizer?

A laboratory homogenizer is a device used to efficiently mix, thus achieving rapid and strong resuspension of cells and components of solutions. All this guarantees that all the components of the prepared suspensions have the same characteristics, that is, they are uniform.

That is why this equipment is of vital importance in clinical and research laboratories, as well as in the food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, lubricant, and hygiene industries, among others.

Tissue Homogenization

Tissue homogenization is a process used to prepare tissue samples for later use in different laboratory studies. This consists of stimulating the lysis of the cells so that they break and release all their content, which will be used for the different analyses. Depending on the analysis process to be carried out, each laboratory will take into account specific protocols for handling homogenization.

During this homogenization process, the cell content is released and remains floating in the suspension, including its organelles, fluids and cell extracts.

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