Infusion pumps: what are they and what are they used for?

These medical equipment are the precise solution to fluid administration in the patient, since the infusion pumps were introduced in hospitals and clinics, precision errors have been reduced avoiding delays in patient recovery or possible complications that may arise in the administration of treatment to the patient; in addition to allowing the nurse to perform other activities because she should no longer be constantly monitoring the administration of fluids.

These infusion pumps work by generating mechanical pressure to move the fluid through a tube into the patient’s vascular system, helping to accurately administer parenteral solutions and blood transfusions; avoiding common problems affecting treatment such as patient movements, patient arm posture, inadequate catheter fixation, catheter bows or equipment transporter tubes.

Infusion pumpsย 

The origin of these devices was due to the need to control precisely the fluids and transfusions required by the patient, with the technological advances has been achieved to improve its operation, for example we have the KALSTEIN infusion pumps, our equipment designed with quality materials and the most up-to-date technology, in addition to simple and convenient operation, providing intuitive presence of the working state, increasing its safety, efficiency and practicality.

Infusion pumps possess infusion systems is defined as a medical equipment of essential use due to the series of advantages it offers such as:ย 

  • Greater accuracy in the proportion of supply by means of a flow control clamp.
  • Saving time on attention because the flow does not need constant regulation.
  • Manages a variety of solutions: blood, medicines and enteral and parenteral infusions.
  • The flow regulation can be determined automatically by means of a wheelbarrow device.

Uses of infusion pumps

The utility of infusion pumps focuses on their function for medicinal products to patients through a central venous catheter, subcutaneous access route, central peripheral insertion route or peripheral intravenous route. They are used in cases where it is important to give the patient a specific amount of a drug at a certain rate or for a specific amount of time.

They are also used to administer food liquids and blood fluids, depending on the patient’s health condition this can be connected to an infusion pump so that all these fluids or blood can be supplied; infusion pumps are parenteral and enteral feeding solutions, chemotherapy, epidural analgesics continuously, subcutaneous insulin administration and self-transfusion.

Types of infusion pumps

There are different types of pumps to control infusions, which are used in specialized care areas; since they are usually used in terminal patients or those who are suffering a lot of pain, we find the following pumps:

  • Positive displacement pump.
  • Cassette bombs.
  • Syringe pumps.
  • Peristaltic linear pump.
  • Rotary peristaltic pump.

KALSTEIN models of Infusion Pumps

Each model has certain characteristics and functions, in the international market, we must know which are the best, that offer exceptional features and designs, that guarantee the effective performance of its function, as well as an accompaniment and advice for possible inconveniences, this due to the importance of this equipment and the best indisputably are the KALSTEIN brand pumps, in the following models:

  • Remote Control Infusion Suction Pump with Large 4.3 Inch LCD Display YR05164: 4.3-inch color LCD display with backlight, among other features you’ll find at HERE
  • Laptop Ultrasound 15 Inch Touch Screen YR05165: High resolution 15.1โ€ณ color LED backlight display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle, you can zoom in on the physical description at HERE

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