That measures a multiparameter meter of patients?

Patient multiparameter meters, also known as cardiac monitor, are used to measure the vital signs of a patient that determine their condition. It consists of monitoring on a screen vital signs such as respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, among others. In this way, health centers have an overview of the health status of each patient.ย 

In addition, monitors work differently for each vital sign. For example, it records the electrical activity of the heart and amplifies it. To measure the respiratory rate it collects and amplifies the respiratory movements of the chest. To determine the amount of oxygen the patient does through his pulse.

Patient multiparameter meters are powerful and effective tools. They differ mainly from each other by the number of patients or beds they view simultaneously. Some of them allow 48 patients, or even 66, to be monitored at the same time and have high-definition screens. In some cases, the vital sign analysis software, and more precisely the arrhythmia detection software, helps to reduce false alarms without compromising patient safety.

Types of Multiparametersย 

There are two types of multiparameter patient monitor depending on whether they can be transported or not: fixed and portable.

  • Fixed monitors, these are placed on the patient’s head and the equipment is kept fixed on the wall with supports connected to the machine, among them this; those used by the anesthesia process, these are used when the patient needs to be anesthetized, as they are specially designed to monitor systems that may be affected by the absence of oxygenation or circulation. There are also those used in critical areas in adults and children, which guarantee the treatment of patients, are consumable or other (electrodes, sensors, bracelets, etc). On the other hand, there are neonates, these detect specific arrhythmias due to high heart rates.
  • Portable vital sign monitors, those that can be moved from one place to another, allowing continuous patient monitoring in the event that it is necessary to move the patient elsewhere. Among them, there are those for hospital use, they are used in the event that a patient has to be transferred from one area to another of the same hospital or health center. They must use a battery that allows a range of at least two and a half hours and those for interhospital use, which are used in the case of transfer having a 12V connection to be able to connect them during the transfer by ambulance.

Operation of Multiparameter Meters

  • Electrical impulses of the heart, in electrocardiogram studies (ECG), placing electrodes on the body of the patient.
  • Resp (Resp): it controls the respiratory rate by measuring the thoracic impedance thanks to two of the electrodes used in the ECG.
  • Temperature (Temp): using a thermometer, it also shows the temperature the patient has at all times.
  • Non-invasive pressure (PNI or NIBP): non-invasive blood pressure is obtained by using an electronic sphygmomanometer, whose bracelet is placed on the patient’s arm.
  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2): determines the oxygen level in the blood by placing a pulse oximeter on the patient’s finger that emits light with two different wave densities.
  • Invasive pressure (PI): it measures blood pressure by a sensitive catheter inserted into a patient’s artery that offers non-invasive pressure.
  • Venous oxygen saturation (SvO2): a catheter is inserted into the superior vena cava to obtain greater precision when determining your blood oxygen level.
  • Intracranial pressure (PIC): an intracranial catheter is inserted into the patient to measure the pressure inside the skull.

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