What is thermofusion?

Vascular thermofusion or sealing refers to the process used in electrosurgery to seal blood vessels and tissue bundles before tissue section, fusing collagen and elastin from vascular walls and generating an autologous and permanent sealing, which allows for blood vessels with a diameter less than 7 mm no staples, or sutures, because thermofusion provides protection against possible recurrent bleeding.

Electrosurgery is currently the most widely used surgical procedure in operating rooms. In virtually every operating room in the world there is an electrosurgical team, employed in all surgical specialties, both in hospitals and clinics and in medical consultations.

How does thermofusion work?

For vascular thermofusion or sealing to occur, the tissue is attached with the instrument (heat generator) and thermofused with the appropriate current for this purpose, i.e. heat is applied at a certain intensity and time, so that blood vessels are closed and tissue cut without the need to emit electric shocks between them. Typically, thermofusion equipment has an automatic stop function that disconnects the application as soon as optimum thermofusion is achieved.

The advantage of this equipment is that thermofusion is limited to the instrument’s holding area, minimizing lateral thermal injuries and protecting the adjacent fabric. Their results are superior to those obtained with other equipment such as standard bipolar electroscalpel and ultrasonic coagulator, and similar to those obtained with ligatures, clips and sutures. By using elastin and collagen from blood vessels, very good haemostasis is achieved in arteries and veins, but it is noteworthy that it loses effectiveness when applied to tissues where the blood supply is mainly based on capillaries (little collagen).

Applications of thermofusion

This blood vessel sealing technology is quite trustworthy for its excellent results in open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.ย  In disciplines such as urology and gynecology, blood vessels up to 7 mm in diameter can be sealed.

Avoiding the use of sutures, vascular clips or any other method that may involve the introduction of foreign material to perform surgeries with risk of bleeding. The great advantage that thermofusion offers over electrocoagulation is that it is applicable to any type of tissue, since when electrocoagulation is used in fat or wet tissues, the electricity dissipates resulting in inadequate coagulation of the tissues.

Benefits of Thermofusion

  • Completely seals the tissues and vessels, without the need for prior isolation.
  • Produces thermal dispersion.
  • The adhesions are minimal.
  • Own tissue carbonization.
  • Eliminates the presence of exogenous material in the body.
  • Avoid the production of proximal thrombi.
  • Minimal frost.
  • Its use saves time, minimizes blood loss and anesthesia.
  • Shorten post-op times.

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  • The electrosurgical generator has four cutting outputs and two clotting outputs.
  • Provides automatic recognition of the return electrode.
  • The electrosurgical generator provides digital diagnostic error codes.
  • It has an isolated exit, all floating.
  • The optional surgical smoke evacuation system is available to remove smoke or unpleasant odors.
  • Applications for cervical gynecological surgery, plastic surgery and ORL surgery.

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