Who prepares the operating table?

The player inside the operating room plays an important and essential role; its training must be constant and in accordance with the advances of medical technology, and must be marked by a strong technical but also ethical element.
It facilitates and collaborates responsibly in all activities, the most important part being that of the complete balance, both at the beginning and at the end of the surgery, is in charge of ordering and controlling the materials to be used at the time of the operation, such as gauze, ball joints, pads, needles, etc. All this seems very obvious, but is so relevant that it must always be pointed out. Moreover, its task is to ensure the patient’s welfare at all times.ย 

It should be noted that you must keep in mind before and during surgery the importance of order, meticulousness and honesty, which are inherent to the player’s work. Also, to know the stages of the surgical act, the surgeon’s preferences, to have information about the surgical technique that will be used in that surgery and at that time, etc.

Importance of the Preparation of the Operations Bureau

The person in charge of conditioning the area of operations must be attentive to the most relevant stages of surgery, to the modifications of it and to focus all his knowledge and experience to the details that make the difference between one surgery and another. This attitude makes the difference between a surgical player and a mere instrument pin. The success in the preparation of the operating table, is based precisely the preparation of the surgical patient in the pavilion.

In this way, the player must have a prior time to review all the elements and to evaluate, together with the nurse, the necessary measures to prevent delays or deficiencies, facilitating the fluidity of the procedure, which is of enormous importance, since it favors the patient and contributes to the success of the surgery. It also includes the selection and location of equipment and other elements, knowing what type of operating table will be occupied and its accessories, such as, armbands, infusion pumps, etc.c

Training of staff responsible for preparing the Bureau of Operations

Taking into account the special functions and conditions involved in operating theaters, it is of the utmost interest that the manager has the following functions:ย 

  • Prepare the operating table.
  • Know the importance of impeccable asepsis.
  • Have a correct placement of patients on the operating table.
  • Working as a team, in addition to their own functions in and out of this hospital area.
  • He must be responsible for reviewing the maintenance of the facilities and the material, reporting to his superiors any damage or anomalies.
  • Keep the supports used in operating room tables tidy.

As an essential and participatory member of the team within the operational field, you should become familiar with the procedure to be performed to act efficiently, as your participation is participatory and not mechanical.

In the preparation of the patient in the ward is very important the monitoring, since the patient will be exposed to multiple risks; this action aims to provide you with safety and prevent complications.

The basic supervision is the use of a pulse oximeter, non-invasive blood pressure measurement and electrocardiogram. This procedure should always be present, regardless of the complexity of the surgery as part of the surgical development. Then there’s invasive monitoring, which includes measuring parameters such as direct blood pressure, urinary debit, temperature, central venous pressure and pulmonary artery pressure, and sampling for exams, which are going to depend mainly on complexity and surgical time.

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