Is fiber optic used for lighting an operating room?

The lighting of the operating room is an important key in the visibility of the operative field, since it provides security for the environment, and allows through the optical fiber lights, to appreciate carefully the interventions made by the doctors, observing the coloration of the organs, as an indicator of the patient’s condition. Therefore, the way the fiber transmits light, allows it to do so at great distances and without shadows.

Thanks to the advantages offered by fiber optics, it can pass through very narrow and complicated places, while hiding the light source and leading to much more refined lighting.

Fiber optic lighting, for the moment, provides the most intense light of all types of lighting used in operating theaters. Basically, it conducts the original light of a halogen, xenon, metal halide or LED lamp, which is in a lighting start, through a beam of optical fibers, which ends in a device specific for each type of application.

Optical Fiber as a source of aid in Operating Room Luminaires

Basically, the use of fiber optics in illumination of surgical units, are widely used due to the proportion of help that this type of illumination represents:ย 

  • Electricity and heat loss: It is capable of transmitting the light beams, and the lamp that illuminates the fiber is not in direct contact with it.
  • Transforms the light beam into any tone, without changing the lamp regardless of the color of the fiber.
  • It is capable of providing a wider illumination, and provides visual comfort.

Optical fiber is the ideal lighting solution for operating theaters, due to its low maintenance requirements. The lights don’t carry electricity, only at the ends, and they don’t emit heat. As such, they are suited to adverse climate contexts.ย 

Characteristics of Fiber Optic Lighting

First, the separation of electricity, heat and gases, as well as ultraviolet and infrared rays, is accentuated, both in the light bases and in the light line. This is because by linking the fiber optic cables they are connected in front of the operating room lamp, without physical or electrical contact between the two elements. It also carries light and directs it to the desired place.

Similarly, it allows to create unique effects that would be impossible to perform with a conventional lighting system inside the operating room. Its low electrical energy consumption, zero heat emissions and radiation, have transformed it into a very attractive alternative for various applications, such as illuminating without shadows, and for its safe characteristics and its resistance against shocks, has also become a source of lighting suitable for the surgical field.ย 

One of the advantages of fiber optics for lighting an operating room is that it provides cold light, and therefore, it is ideal in applications where surgical systems, can emit heat are an inconvenience or also in environments of great evidence.

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