How to select your ideal water purification system

Water purification systems are essential equipment in any home or work space, if it is believed that the water being used has come into contact with pollutants. These systems allow, as their name says, to purify this vital liquid, by eliminating pathogens or chemical elements that can be harmful to humans.

In our homes, water can have different uses, either for direct consumption or cooking, in both cases, it is of the utmost importance that the water is of good quality, since consuming contaminated water can cause a variety of diseases. Therefore, water purifiers are a very useful option, both in homes and in laboratories.

What pollutants can be found in the water?

Chlorine, in the water that reaches our homes or workspaces, you can find certain substances, among which stand out, chlorine. This chemical element is used in the disinfection of municipal waters, to eliminate pathogens, however, when it arrives in our homes, it is no longer necessary and, in fact, is harmful, because it can cause dryness in the skin, hair problems, and even damage some appliances.

Volatile chemicals, the water that comes into our homes or workspaces, can come into contact with chemicals such as gasoline, cleaners, paints or pesticides, among others. The presence of these in the water is harmful and, in the first instance, it reaches to cause irritation in the skin, nose, throat and eyes, if the exposure is much more prolonged, the health damages can be more significant.

Pathogens, the water may contain viruses, bacteria and protozoa, which, in addition to being harmful to health, could affect some chemical process in which it is used. For this reason, water purification systems cannot only concentrate on the chemical aspects, it must also be combined with the biological aspect.

Methods of water purification

These systems, although they can become very sophisticated, have their origin in 1827, by James Young Simpson, who created the first purification system, to give a correct treatment to water. Over the years, this system was improved, until having the updated equipment that we have today and whose efficiency in purification is extremely high.

Since the first purification system, created in 1827, to the present day, there have been many technological advances that have led to the creation of various methods of purification, all with the common function of eliminating harmful elements, however, not all methods have the same effectiveness. Here are the ways of purification:

  • Chlorination: it consists of adding chlorine to the wastewater, thus eliminating pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Use of filters: used to remove solid waste, such as heavy metal debris or sand. There are different types of filters, some of them are sand filters, softening or softening filters, which reduce the magnesium and calcium of the water, and activated carbon filters, which are used to remove chlorine, microorganisms or any flavor or odor.
  • Reverse osmosis: uses a semipermeable membrane, through which high pressure water is passed, to separate salts and any contaminants.
  • UV lamps: the wavelength of UV light makes it possible to exterminate up to 99 % of pathogens in water.
  • Ozonation: used in conjunction with UV light, it allows the oxidation of any organic and inorganic compounds, thus preventing the proliferation of algae.

What is the ideal purification method?

The selection of the ideal purification method depends on two factors, the first of them, the use to be given to the water, and the second, the water quality of the area from which it comes. Based on these factors, in conjunction with the value for money and your budget, you will have to choose the one that is most appropriate.

If the area from which the water comes is generally of good quality, an activated carbon filter is sufficient. However, the ideal purification systems, if you need an excellent quality of water and that also work as a life insurance, are the UV and ozone filters, since these allow to eliminate, practically in their entirety, any microorganism or organic and inorganic compounds.

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