What is a Baby Scale?

The baby scales are designed and used in pediatric units, in charge of recording data on the weight of the baby. It has an electrical or mechanical system and has particular features, such as; special tray to properly locate the baby, recording the weight in kilograms accurately, and even if the baby is in constant movement.

It should be noted that in these units they offer a fair weight compared to other Roman type scales, which carry a counterweight and offer a weight approximate to the real. And in the case of baby scales, it shows more accurate results, by possessing electrical systems using sensors that determine weight and other benefits, such as the immediate balance of each weight check to extract graphs. The weight of the baby can be even fun to remember in the future.

Functions of Baby Scales

Monitoring the growth of the baby is much easier, because it allows to show if there is malnutrition in the infant and gives an idea to the pediatrician and parents, in improving the feeding of the baby. In this way, the scale is used regularly and ensures that the newborn is in the process of growth and develops the weight according to normal parameters.

To start using the equipment, you must first ensure that the unit is clear of any material that alters its values, monitor that the numerical data screen is on and indicate 0g (zero grams), proceed to place the baby on top of the equipment and wait for the marker to record the weight value.

Methods for calculating Weight

First, it must be ensured that the scale is well located in a safe area, away from any object that interferes with its functions, likewise, it must be noted before and after each practice to be able to check the progress of the baby

To weigh the infant, the following methods must be followed:

  • Place the infant on the scale plate, lying (preferably) or standing. Also, the mass value is shown after a stable value signal has been obtained.
  • Prior to each weighing, the equipment must be fully controlled by an authorized person.
  • It is advised that the correct position to weigh the baby, should be lying down to avoid any type of accident and under supervision.
  • In case the baby is very heavy, it is advisable to place it in the center of the scale or use other weighing measures.
  • Note that the baby does not press the arms on the equipment so that it does not alter the weighing record.

Recommendations for using the Baby Scale

Using the baby scales correctly is not very complicated. For this and the proper functioning, it is recommended to continue with the following types:

  • The scale should not be used for unusual or dynamic weighing.
  • Take into account if the weighing process continuously changes uncontrollably increasing and decreasing, it should be replaced by other equipment until the errors are adjusted.
  • Do not expose the balance plates to load for a long time to prevent damage to the equipment.
  • Move equipment away from places where the risk of explosion may occur.
  • Any errors in the balance should be addressed to the supplier.
  • It must be used by a qualified person, as any modification of the equipment can lead to errors in the weight records, causing technical safety alterations, as well as the invalidation of the balance.

It’s important to note that the process of seeing the growth of babies or our children is a very important task, because it will allow the evolutionary process and have an idea of the kind of food that we are generating for babies. Therefore, through pediatric consultations and the use of the baby scales, it becomes the ideal tool.

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