Benefits of Electroscalpel in Dentistry

The electroscalpel, also known by the name of an electrosurgical unit, is a medical instrument that has the capacity to transform electrical energy into heat in order to fulgurate, coagulate, cut soft tissues or dry, taking currents with frequencies greater than 200,000 Hz. By producing heat alone, it is not harmful to nerve processes. On the other hand, electrosurgery is a sub-discipline of surgery in which electrical current levels are used, by means of a special electrode, to cut, remove or remove tissue, keeping bleeding under control.

Equipment used in electrosurgery uses various surgical modes to cut tissue, increase the visibility of the surgeon, and control blood flow within an operating room, helping to make medical interventions easier. In dentistry, electrosurgery helps a specialist in that area to obtain good results. The electroscalpel is a very useful tool in dentistry, used for gingival remodeling and lengthening of clinical crowns. Although it is a useful instrument and easy to handle, it should only be handled by specialized personnel, as it can lead to accidents, such as severe burns.

Electrosurgical unit

The electrosurgical unit, known as electroscalpel, is an electronic device that has the ability to modify or change the electrical energy in heat, in order to remove or cut soft tissue. What causes heat to be produced is an oscillatory electric current that is concentrated in a small area, as long as the space where the current flows is smaller, the temperature will be higher.

This equipment consists of different units which, when operating together, form an electrical circuit. Because it is an electrical device, its application in medicine, especially in the surgical area, is of vital importance. Thanks to its function, very precise incisions can be made without putting any pressure on the soft tissues. On the other hand, they are useful to easily access compromised areas or difficult access, are comfortable to lift hypertrophic tissues, also facilitate the containment of bleeding and healing in gingival tissues. Finally, they help prevent microorganisms from infiltrating the incision line.

The electroscalpel has two modes of operation, the monopolar mode and the bipolar mode. Although their differences are few, both modes use electrosections and electrocoagulations and operate with powers of approximately 50 W and 100 W. The surgical unit is composed of four basic and fundamental parts, these are: the mode of operation indicators, the power selectors, the electrodes and finally by the switch.

Benefits of the electrosurgical unit in dentistry

Electrosurgery produces good results in the area of aesthetic dentistry, it allows, through the use of electric current, to make cuts or coagulate some tissue of the body. To work in this discipline, it is very useful the electroscalpel, since it makes it possible to make clean cuts without bleeding, thanks to the fact that it transforms the electrical energy into heat.

This equipment works with high frequencies for the production of heat, and by the fact that, if not used can hinder the nervous processes of the human body. Such heat production occurs because the oscillatory electric current is concentrated in a small space. Among the benefits that the electroscalpel possesses within the area of dentistry are:

  • Fast and accurate incisions.
  • No need for sharp instruments.
  • Allows easy access to complicated areas.
  • Allows removal of hypertrophic tissue more easily.
  • Helps control bleeding.
  • Enables the restoration of gingival tissues.

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