Importance of lyophilizers for the production of yogurt

A freeze dryer is a machine in charge of the freeze drying process, also known previously as cryodrying, which is nothing more than the method of cold drying and subsequent sublimation of the ice of a material, which has been previously frozen. This process occurs because the water containing the product passes directly from solid state to vapor state, ignoring the liquid state. Freeze-drying is able to remove 99% of moisture from, for example, a food such as yogurt ferment, coffee, vegetables and fruits, among others, achieving great benefits in relation to the cost of transport, since, being a microbiologically stable product, a cold chain is not necessary and can be transported in greater quantity.

The freeze-drying originated in the Inca Empire, where they produced the chuรฑo, a product of the dehydration of the potato. This food was obtained by freezing the potatoes throughout the night, with the help of low temperatures, and during the day, with the help of dry wind and sun, in order to remove water. Later, this technique became popular in the industry, in the middle of the Second World War, it was used to prepare various antibiotics from penicillin and to conserve blood plasma. Eventually, around 1950, this technology was introduced in a variety of products, including food.

Freeze-dried foods currently offer great benefits to the consumer, useful for mountaineers, military, astronauts and the general public. Lyophilized yogurt is a powdered product with lactic cultures that ferment milk and result in nutritious yogurt. The lactic bacteria present in yogurt are dehydrated by lyophilization, these are kept alive, then the milk is fermented and the product is obtained 100% natural.

Lyophilized yogurt: lyophilized yogurt ferment

The lyophilisate method has multiple advantages that makes it one of the best drying techniques within the food industry. It enables the preservation of food for an indefinite period of time; allows food to maintain its flavor, color, aroma and texture, due to the fact that it is a non-denaturating process; helps to significantly reduce the mass of the products, reducing transport costs; have better quality than any other product that undergoes a drying process, and allows the food to recover its original form after rehydration.

Yogurt is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, obtained by fermentation and culture of the bacteria Lactobacillus and Streptococcus. On the other hand, the lyophilized ferment to prepare yogurt has the same characteristics, the combination of two lactic acid bacteria, which achieve a yogurt that when adding milk again becomes a natural one.

Freeze drinkers

A lyophilizer is known to be an instrument that removes moisture from a product by freezing it. Freeze-drying, a technique that has been used for many centuries and has evolved throughout history, allows products such as food, drugs and other materials to be kept indefinitely through drying.

Applications of freeze-drying are present in the pharmaceutical industry, to help conserve vaccines, antibiotics, plasma, vitamins, breast milk and blood products, among others. In chemistry, for the preparation of catalysts, the conservation of animals, books and old documents and organic materials, among others. In archeology, for the conservation of wood, and in the food industry to prepare ferments of yogurt, fruits, vegetables, meat and food for animals, among others.

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