Heating blanket in a laboratory

A heating blanket is a laboratory instrument used to position, isolate, heat and mix containers like rounded bottom balls. This equipment is frequently used in the laboratories of basic and higher education of chemistry and biology to heat and temper organic liquids, which need to enter a process of boiling, evaporation, distillation or extraction; in addition to its use in quality control analysis.

This device is commonly used in laboratories because it adapts to multiple processes that require temperature and even shaking frequently used in laboratories as they can also include this in an accessory way this property.

Operation of a heating blanket

A heating blanket is designed to make the transfer more effective by providing a uniform temperature distribution throughout the area in contact with the container; this equipment operates under the principle of heat transfer by conduction.

The heating blanket has a flexible and insulated heating device, which allows you to position the containers directly on it, without those made of glass, risk breaking, suitable for flasks and funnels difficult to position; and thanks to its circular design, it can adapt to all kinds of jobs.

How is a heating blanket made?

Heating blankets can commonly be made of more rigid fabrics or constructions, some may be designed in stainless steel with electrostatic paint coating, with its high thermal resistance fiberglass coated heating element.

These equipment can have different temperature ranges and have varying regulation levels, as well as an element that supplies agitation. They provide short heating duration, distribute heat without creating condensed water, produce no flames and are safe equipment for heating to more than 100ยฐC.

Types of heating blankets

  • Heating blanket with integrated temperature control: This blanket heats and controls the temperature with its infinite range control and maintains a stable temperature. Heats to 450ยฐC. The interior is made of fiberglass fabric and the exterior has an aluminum shell. This blanket can be used on a magnetic stirrer without problems and can be adapted to digital controller.
  • Spherical bottom cylindrical reactor blanket: This blanket is usually made with ceramic fiber heater and nickel chrome resistance. It has infinite range temperature control that allows to regulate a stable temperature; its shape allows heating cylindrical reactors with spherical bottom.
  • Warming blanket with magnetic stirring: This blanket stirs magnetically, heats and controls the temperature with its infinite range control and maintains a stable temperature. Heats to 450ยฐC. With its continuous-use engine, it adjusts the speed to be stable. The interior is made of fiberglass fabric and the exterior has an aluminum shell, with metal protection and integrated magnetic stirring for spherical flasks.
  • Multiple Heating Blanket: This blanket allows to heat spherical flasks in a delicate and uniform way, it can be used for the soxhelt extractor, to make reflows and distillations. It is made of aluminum cover and epoxy-polyester coated steel cabinet. The heater is fiberglass with chromium-nickel resistance. It has independent infinite range temperature control for each heater.

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