How many types of muffles are there?

Muffles are versatile units capable of incinerating materials and melting metals, through thermal energy. They are used within laboratories, for the calcination of substances, drying of samples, control processes, heat treatments, hardening and cleaning of injection molds.ย 

It is characterized by being a closed chamber made with refractory materials, suitable for supplying high temperatures and meeting the demanding technical requirements within the laboratories. In addition, it has different types for various purposes.

Characteristics and Functions of the Muffles

They are units made of resistant materials to withstand high temperatures, which, inside have cooking mechanisms, in addition, it has a small observation space suitable for the cooking chamber, and introduce probes to verify and record temperatures. Also, on the roof of the unit, there is a space through which gases are expelled. In addition, its walls are manufactured with thermal and insulating materials.

Within their functions, they are capable of reaching temperatures greater than 350ยฐC, suitable for introducing special materials.

In this sense, the muffles allow to monitor and establish conditions of the samples at high temperatures, safely, it consists of certain characteristics, such as internal chamber, made of aluminum and quartz to resist high temperatures. It also has heating elements and works to distribute the temperature homogeneously. It also has a Thermocouple, which indicates the temperature at which the chamber is located.ย 

In the same way, it has an operation time program of the equipment, timer type. And even, the temperature control is usually of PID type to avoid temperature peaks, the controls are analog and have a wider margin of error and finally, the safety switch, is located in the door that gives access to the unit; it works by cutting off the power supply so that the temperature decreases.

Muflas Kalstein brand

We at Kalstein are able to meet the demands of our users when it comes to the selection of laboratory equipment. We offer you, the Universal High Temperature Box Muffles, YR series, which has attractive characteristics, such as: High purity fibrous alumina insulation for maximum energy savings; double-layer steel structure with air cooling fan to keep the outside of the oven safe to the touch; reaches temperatures of 1200 ยฐ C, 1400ยฐC, 1700ยฐC maximum operation; control power with 30 programmable segments, among others.

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