The Importance of Calibrating an Optical Surgical Navigator

The calibration of an optical surgical navigator is one of the most important issues in the planning and execution of a robotic surgery. This is because calibrating the surgical navigator ensures that all surgical actions are performed with the highest degree of accuracy possible. This precision, enabled by the calibration of the optical browser, ensures that the results achieved are those desired by the surgeon, which increases the success rate of surgical procedures.

On the other hand, the calibration of an optical surgical navigator, ensures the correct measurement of surgical movements. Accurate 3-D measurements are required for proper calibration. These measurements include a wide range of measurements, including distance, rotation and angle measurements. These measurements are made in the course of calibration to obtain the most accurate measurement possible.

How is the calibration of an optical surgical navigator done?

In optical surgical browsers, calibration is performed using a calibration tool known as a motion capture tool. This tool is properly adjusted to allow the surgeon to obtain accurate information about surgical movements. It is also adjusted to allow absorption of movements made by the surgeon. Correct use of the motion capture device will allow the surgeon to obtain accurate information about surgical mobility.

Once 3-D measurements are complete, fine adjustments to the tool are necessary to ensure that the collected data is as accurate as possible. These adjustments are made with the help of a computer system that stores and processes the collected data. This allows the surgeon to adjust the parameters of the tool and makes it possible to obtain accurate results for a better surgical treatment.

How is information processed during the equipment calibration process?

For the calibration of these equipment, a set of measurements are made that must be stored and processed, so that a better prediction can be made during the exploration and the execution of the procedure. In this sense, optical surgical browsers have a special software to help the surgeon carry out a correct calibration.

This program uses specialized graphics to help the surgeon interpret the data obtained in the calibration. Charts are an ideal way of presenting data, as they can clearly describe a trend as well as the behavior of the equipment during measurement. This, in addition to providing the surgeon with accurate information, allows some adjustments to allow a better adaptation of the optical surgical navigator to the specific surgical requirements.

Why is calibration of an optical surgical navigator important?

In short, calibrating an optical surgical navigator is extremely important to ensure that surgical outcomes are as desired. The use of high-precision calibration tools, together with a correct interpretation of the collected data, ensure that surgical procedures are performed with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

As indicated above, proper calibration reduces the possibility of errors and increases the success rate of surgical procedures, ensuring that the results are the desired. This provides enormous reassurance to patients, as the success of their procedure will be high, and because of this, you can expect to recover very soon from such an intervention. Therefore, it can be assured, that the success of these guided procedures with this technology, depend on a good calibration.

Kalstein Technology in Optical Surgical Browsers

For surgeons, successful surgical procedures go hand in hand with the use of appropriate instrumentation, in which case, medical equipment manufacturer Kalstein, designs and produces state-of-the-art optical surgical navigators. With this equipment, the calibration process can be performed relatively easily given the benefits of its software and the accuracy of the measurements, which adjust even to the anatomical changes produced by the removal of tissue. In addition, patient information is automatically saved in the event of sudden power outages. For pricing, purchasing and quotation information, please visit HERE and HERE