Advancing your pathology lab with the cryostat

In the field of pathology, a crucial diagnostic instrument is the cryostat, which is used to define cell types and subtypes and to provide structural and morphological characteristics to frozen tissues. The use of cryostats also allows us to detect alterations in cell size, nuclear structure and cytoplasm quickly and efficiently, in recent times, our pathology laboratory has experienced a great advance with the use of cryostats; this technology has allowed us to provide accurate clinical results in a much shorter time.

The cryostat provides more information and better quality in the study performed by specialists

In addition, the quality of the results has been increased thanks to a better scope for detecting pathologies, since we use different types of samples: paraffin-fixed samples, frozen tissue, biopsies and even tissue from cadavers.

Frozen tissues provide the greatest amount of clinical information due to the high definition of their structures; also, with some types of cryostats, it is possible to obtain information even at microscopic resolutions. This feature enhances the diagnostic possibilities.

Improves results and helps the specialist to refer appropriate and effective treatment depending on the pathology

The use of cryostats increases productivity and speed in the diagnosis of diseases, allowing to improve treatment results; the information delivery system of this device also helps to effectively communicate results in real time and connects directly with experts and associated professionals.

Nowadays, many cryostats are used in medical laboratories to identify diseases and define the appropriate treatment, these tools offer high-detail information in the diagnosis of respiratory, cardiac and digestive pathologies, among others.

The most relevant advantages and the progress obtained when using the cryostat in a laboratory

The use of the cryostat by our pathology laboratory allows the early diagnosis of pathologies to offer better treatment to patients; besides, this technology has helped us to enhance the accuracy of the results, as well as to reduce the time of diagnosis.

In short, we can assure that this technological advance with the use of cryostats has allowed to improve the quality of life of many patients, in less time and with the best indications for them, which satisfies us enormously.

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