Ultrasonic Cleaner: What are the different types?

This equipment has a really surprising utility, not only in medical or aesthetic centers, but also at home; since its main function is to leave free of dirt and contamination metal instruments, both of medical material or our home and vehicle keys, owning an ultrasonic cleaner makes our life easier and prolongs the life not only of the instruments but of your own health, nowadays with the emergence of highly dangerous viruses, it is essential to have a device such as the ultrasonic cleaner.

It is extremely difficult to achieve a deep cleaning of any material or instrument that we use often, so, the use of this device that through high frequency vibrations using ultrasonic technology performs an efficient cleaning by creating a bubble, in addition to a deeper cleaning in a really short time, all we have to do is use a cleaning liquid and turn on the device to start the process.

Types of ultrasonic cleaners

  • Professional: they are used in laboratories, medical, esthetic and health centers, they are frequently used to sterilize and disinfect metal, rubber and some plastic instruments, they are easy to use, ecological and help to extend the useful life of the instruments.
  • Facial: they are for skin care, there are two types; silicone and stainless steel; one can be used at home and the other by a specialist in an esthetic center, its usefulness is to reduce blemishes, exfoliate the skin and extract impurities.
  • Dental: these are devices that use water pressure to achieve a deep cleaning of the teeth, eliminating dirt, bacteria and germs, improving oral health. It is easy, fast and painless.


Types of KALSTEIN ultrasonic cleaners

The types mentioned above are three major classifications that are available in the market, however, if you want to know the best existing models, these will depend on the brand, ie the manufacturer and we are a Manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment Company recognized worldwide, we have a really advanced YR series, revolutionary technology and the best price in the market, we present the KALSTEIN classification of the types of ultrasonic cleanersย https://www.kalstein.es/categoria-producto/linea-de-laboratorio/limpiador-ultrasonico-linea-de-laboratorio/

  • Digital desktop ultrasonic cleaner: within this type of cleaner we can find several interesting models:ย YR05230 household type ultrasonic cleaner, YR05229 household type ultrasonic cleaner, YR05232 household type ultrasonic cleaner, YR05231 household type ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Desktop Cleaner: there are three models of this type: YR05234 // YR05243 series heated ultrasonic cleaner, YR05207 series jewelry chain eyeglass ultrasonic cleaner, YR05206 series heated ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Digital Ultrasonic Screen Cleaner: here we find a variety of models, mostly used in the medical field: YR05220 // YR05228 desktop ultrasonic cleaner, YR05214 series heated stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner, YR05209 2 liter jewelry ultrasonic cleaner, YR05208 2 liter jewelry ultrasonic cleaner.


Recommendations for purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner

If your intention is to make a purchase, but you do not know how to choose the perfect ultrasonic cleaner for your requirements, we help you to make your decision, through the factors and criteria described here, plus our staff at KALSTEIN will be at your disposal, but remember to keep in mind the following:

  • Capacity: you must consider the capacity in liters, with which you need to work.
  • Functions: it is to be clear about the applications and uses that will be given to the equipment.
  • Material: what type of material the cleaner is designed for, recommending stainless steel.
  • Ultrasonic power: more power, better cleaning.

If you want to know the product catalog to purchase some of the ultrasonic cleaners we have for you, you just have to visit us on our website, we guarantee an interesting tour of the high range of products inย Kalsteinย we have for you, you can also request technical service, trust us and we assure you that through our online sales channels that are very easy and viable, do not hesitate and enter the following link:ย HEREย reminding you that we are a manufacturer of high level Laboratory Equipment.